Gaze In Awe Or Envy At This Custom-Built Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Table 

The folks at the AWE me YouTube channel are known for geeky/crafty/badass shows like "Man at Arms," which has recreated weapons like Thor's hammer and Wolverine's claws. This week, AWE me's "Super-Fan Builds" took on the monumental task of making the ultimate Dungeons & Dragons gaming table for one devoted fan.

The actual designing and building part of the video comes at around four minutes; the reveal (it's worth it), complete with a tour of all the table's features and details, is at around 8:30.

[Geeks of Doom]


    Well... my god. I gave up D&D back in the 2nd ed days. But this table is all sorts of awesome for any type of RPG game, not just for D&D. Makes me wonder how my games back then would have played out if everyone had tablets. Although the down side would be they would just end up chatting among themselves via chat, leaving the DM kind of out to dry. Still super cool. ^_^

    I hope that Superfan's son will rebel against him when he's older and grow up to be a jock to beat up nerds like his dad is.

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