Ghana's Mortal Kombat Movie Looks Amazing

Remember that Predator movie that came out of Ghana's Kumawood scene a few years back? Now there's a flick based on Mortal Kombat.

That's one hell of a trailer. There are drones! And martial arts! Even some pretty good costumes.

Before you start wondering what the fuck is going on here, know that Kumawood movies are supposed to look like this. As local site OMGVoice explain, they're shot for almost no cash, with scripts that actors basically improvise on the spot, and with a heavy emphasis on being funny. Imagine somewhere between a Sweded flick and a YouTube web series.


    I've watched a lot of Mortal Kombat on TV.

    There was the movie.
    There was the animated series.
    There was Conquest.
    There was Annihilation.

    The 'franchise' as it were has suffered through a hell of a lot.

    This redeems it.

    Hell, it's probably giving some of the games' cut-scenes over the years a fair shake.

    I used to think Mortal Kombat 4 was the height of video game story-telling.

      You should watch Machinima's excellent Mortal Kombat: Legacy series.

        Yeah I purposely left that out (web series!) but apparently that got canned so the guy could work in Hollywood for realsies?

        Or is Legacy itself now rebooted?

    Given the push for women to kick ass, be large in size and not white... This would be the first time a video game movie could win the oscar for best film.

    Come at me!

    If I've learnt anything from Ghan'an movie making it just needs TWEN TWEN TWENNY SIXTEEEEEN WAAAAAN TWOOOOOOOO FREEEEEEEEEE and it's a movie.

    The best of the best movie since Captain Alex. Waaahhhhh!!! ACTION!!! raaahhh!

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