Going To Japan? Short On Cash? Stay Here, Maybe

Visiting Japan can be expensive, so here's one way to cut costs.

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For ages, internet cafes have been a viable option for budget travellers visiting Japan. (Heck, I wrote about one chain of Japanese net cafes back in 2004 as an option for backpackers.)

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Net Maru looks to be a great option for those on a budget and those who do not mind very small spaces.

While I've never stayed at one of its locations in Tokyo and Osaka, Net Maru does appear to have everything travellers would need: A place to sleep, washers and dryers, showers, hot water dispensers for instant noodles and microwaves to heat up food.

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A Japanese Twitter user who stayed at Net Maru recently pointed out how good of a deal it is.

As you can see this, tweet has been liked over 29,000 times!

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Many of these features are available at capsule hotels as well as at other net cafes, but some of Net Maru standout features include a women's only floor, free laundry detergent to clean your clothes and free soap and shampoo to clean yourself!

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Of course, the shower and the washing machine run on cash (the shower is 10 minutes for 100 yen, which is around a dollar), but things like using the hair dryer are free. Note: You must bring your own towel or rent one for 400 yen (just under $5).

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There is also a powder room for women visitors to use, should they need it. There are also coin lockers for storing personal items as well as a cloak room for storing large luggage. Blankets, though, are extra — each costs 200 yen (around $2).

Throughout each Net Maru, there's free Wi-Fi, which can be hard to find in Japan, and rooms come with a net connected PC.

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Net Maru's rooms are all nonsmoking, which isn't true of many net cafes. However, there is an enclosed smoking area should you need it.

That is a big monitor!

[Image via Net Maru]

Currently, there are only locations in Tokyo and Osaka, but perhaps Net Maru will expand other cities, such as Kyoto.

What seems to be most appealing, though, is you can reserve a room for only 12 hours 1990 yen ($23), while a whole week is 19,990 yen ($235). Not too bad.

[Image via Net Maru]


    They look pretty good. I've stayed in capsule hotels before, and the net maru seems a lot more spacious, plus they have the free wifi which is almost expected these days. Gotta love that background music in the video!

    Wow, they have improved internet cafes since I was last there.

    $235 for a week and I'd be able to sit and play games all day or night? Count me in!

      If you're not going to leave the cafe, just stay here and save yourself the costs of a trip.

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