Guillermo Del Toro Says ‘F**k Konami’

Guillermo Del Toro Says ‘F**k Konami’

“F**k Konami” is an old saying on the internet, but usually, it’s commenters who are lashing out against the publisher. Today, even a Hollywood director is cursing out Konami — and with good reason, too.

Del Toro, who is known for making films such as Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, has many potential reasons for hating Konami. He’s good friends with Hideo Kojima, who left Konami under troublesome conditions — yesterday, Geoff Keighley claimed that during the last six months of Metal Gear Solid V’s development, Kojima was isolated from the rest of his team. Konami also prevented Hideo Kojima from accepting an award last year. Finally, and most notably, Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima collaborated on a horror project called PT, which was widely loved, only to get cancelled.

After all of that, del Toro is not mincing words:

Damn. Between this and the Norman Reedus incident earlier this year, Kojima’s friends really have his back, huh?

The good news: Guillermo del Toro and Kojima are still totally collaborating in some way, as we saw from the latest Death Stranding trailer.


  • Del Toro isn’t mincing words, unlike Kotaku who appear to be childish tabooists. How does one pronounce “ff-star-star-kk” ? Why acknowledge the sentiment and quote the word, but not have the intellectual honesty to use it oneself, eh?

    • for many reasons, including people of all ages read the articles, the word is not a very nice word, for some computers with filters, the word is blocked.
      I can fill in the blanks in my head of what the stars mean, i am old enough to do that, but i am actually thankful the word is not plastered everywhere. It is such a crass word to see written anywhere, and for me it lowers my perception of the writer if they resort to using it, especially in conversational form. This article is relaying what was obviously a sensationalist moment, but the word doesn’t actually need to be written in full and uncensored to actually convey it.
      I can’t bring myself to write in full or say that word either and the author is possibly the same, but we are all different, we all have different tolerances, and what we find as our own acceptable thresholds of integrity. That is possibly the author’s comfort threshold of personally using the word (they are comfortable quoting it from another person however as per showing the twitter post).

      • I say this in my linguistically natural ways of how I speak in real life:

        Holy shit get the fuck over it. Fuck is an utterly banal work. It does have however a great ability to add amazing emphasis to anything simply by planting in key positions. It’s not an offensive word, it isn’t a slur, it’s wonderfully multipurpose. Same goes for other neutral swear words.

        • To counter, I think using ‘fuck’ or ‘fucking’ in place of other words is banal and trite and a waste of a wonderful vocabulary.


          • If somebody can come up with an alternative to “Fuck Konami” then go for it. However I doubt anybody can come up with something as succinct and simply delivered in only two words.

        • Not so great when it means that we can’t use Kotaku at schools because of their filtering, which is a shame as it is a great resource for teaching gaming and general discussion of gaming in Primary School classes.

          • They teach gaming in primary school now? I wasted my school holidays playing games. School should be focusing on the basics, not something school kids do plenty of outside of school.

      • Outside of this, I find it mostly strange that it’s never bothered them in the slightest in the past. So many articles that had fuck in the title or opening passage that went to the front page, completely uncensored. And often unnecessary too, rather than being a quote like in this case.

    • I agree but I bought FIFA this year purely because FUCK KONAMI. It’s the first time in many years I haven’t bought PES.

    • I am balls deep in this year’s PES and it is glorious. But yeah, fuck everybody at Konami not directly involved in making PES 😛

  • Konami might be the next big studio to go under methinks. Then maybe Kojima and Del Toro can band together and buy the Silent Hill property.

  • I’m definitely not complaining, but I remember reading after the SH fiasco that Del Toro swore of game related projects indefinitely.
    I suppose all it took was Kojima making a seperate studio and batting his eyelids to get Del Toro back.

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