Halo 5 Finally Gets Custom Browsers On PC

Image: Kotaku

Earlier this year, Microsoft gave away the majority of Halo 5 to PC users for the massive price of bugger all. And, in the same quiet manner that the Halo 5: Forge bundle was first released, the game has just got a whole lot better - because today, it now has custom browsers.

The most important part of the 8.83GB update, which is part of the giant Monitor's Bounty update that includes changes to Forge, Canon Fodder, Warzone and Playlists, is the addition of a custom games browser.

It's one of the main factors that was stopping Halo 5 getting a foothold on PC, since matchmaking is only available on the Xbox One. Hopefully that will still come over at some point, but for now custom browsers at least mean you'll be able to find a match without having a bunch of mates on.

Image: 343 Industries/Halo 5

Not everything PC fans have been asking for has been included. There's reports that the mouse movement still feels a little off, for lack of a more precise term, and a FOV slider wasn't included in the patch despite a 343 developer saying it was "on the list".

The update also makes Halo 5 one of the largest games on the Xbox One, demanding a staggering 97GB of hard drive space:

Fortunately the PC version isn't that large. Windows is telling me that the Halo 5: Forge bundle is just shy of 31GB. (That said, if you haven't changed your settings to stop everything from installing on your system drive by default that might still be real annoying.)


    Now it just needs local coop on consoles......

    The fool who removed that is a.....fool.

      I was pretty annoyed by that too, even though i dont know anyone i would play it with but that was always my favourite part in halo 3.

      Though i do understand why they did it, the xbox one hardware has a hard time playing it with 1 person, and have you played coop zombies on black ops 3? nice and laggy from the xbox struggling.

    I must be well out of the loop.. I had no idea Halo 5 was even on PC... Is this a windows 10 thing?

      Yeah its windows 10 only. Plays fantastic too and runs so smooth, a very good port.

    I've been following this, but when I heard there was no FOV and the mouse was a little weird, I was waiting for that to be fixed...guess I'll just keep waiting.

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