Here's Our First Look At The Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie

Ready to get on the Spiderman train all over again?

I'll be in for this predominately because Robert Downey Jr. is involved. I've never been a massive Spiderman fan, but using the same actor from Civil War as a way to reboot the series is a neat way of doing it.

And to it's credit, the trailer doesn't look half bad.

I'm not sure if the idea of "superhero dealing with high school problems" is really going to be my cup of tea in the end, especially when we know three movies are locked in. Holland's also revealed that he has signed on for "three solo movies", which will presumably be related to The Avengers, Captain America, and so on.


    Im going for Tom Holland but Im staying for Micheal Keaton. Looks amazing and I have confidence they at least wont Amazing Spiderman 2 this movie.

      If you haven't seen the founder I recommend it, great movie about, McDonalds being created and Michael Keaton was excellent in it.

    Looks fantastic. They nailed the right tone, the right aesthetic, got the 'fun' coming across in just one trailer with TASM made it look too dark and broody and Raimis movies, as good as 1 and 2 were, still failed to make Spidey as fun as he should be. Really pumped for this now :D

      Lets just hope they don't Suicide Squad it then.

    I would have preferred Miles Morales, but at least we don't have to see Uncle Ben die again, and Peter Parker actually looks like a teenager once more... so I think I'm on board for this one.

    I mean it couldn't possibly be as bad as the films that only existed to stop Sony America from losing the license. Sony America, who had so little idea of what to with it that they were considering an Aunt May spin-off.

      Always remember, Marvel did the Aunt May thing first ;)

      Glad they didn't go Miles Morales first though, as you need to establish Spiderman before Miles, to get that 'hero worship' angle. Hope he exists by roughly the 3rd movie though.

    I don't know... the scene with him holding the two sections of the cruise ship just smacks of crucifixion symbolism.

    Spiderman was always my number 1 hero superhero franchise. Looking forward to this.

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