Here's The Cheapest Copies Of The Last Guardian In Australia

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The Last Guardian might have been in development for a decade, but that doesn't mean you should be paying a 10 year premium to get it. If you've been waiting patiently to get your hands on the last big PlayStation exclusive of 2016, here's where you can get it on the cheap.

JB Hi-Fi: $79

You can get the steelbook edition for a little bit extra, but you're basically paying EB prices at that point. JB has been pretty competitive all year with most of the big titles, so it's interesting to see a $79 price tag here. Wonder if they're not expecting it to go gang busters, with Final Fantasy 15 and all.

Target: $79

Target, it seems, aren't particularly keen on competing hard for this one either. Mind you, it's not like they've been quiet over the last couple of years when it comes to savage discounts. Maybe this will change on Boxing Day, but not by tomorrow (when The Last Guardian officially goes on sale).

Mighty Ape: $75

Only a fraction cheaper from Mighty Ape, but you do get a free A1-sized poster to go with it. It's a nice shot.

Dungeon Crawl: $88.95

You can get an imported version of The Last Guardian for $83.94, but either way you're better off shopping elsewhere.

Amazon: $80.49

It's the same price whether you get the physical or digital version from Amazon, although digital at least means you don't have to pay for shipping. You're not really making any savings though when PSN is a fraction cheaper (and less hassle).

EB Games: $99.95

Otherwise known as the "doesn't matter" dollar figure, since you're just going to pricematch it from literally anywhere else. Unless you get a manager on a bad day or something.

Play-Asia: $77.53

Doesn't include shipping, but this version of the game feature English and Chinese subtitles.

OzGameShop: $73.99

Cheapest offering so far, provided you don't mind the lengthy shipping time. You might as well pay the extra few dollars to play earlier, unless you're buying gifts for Christmas.

PlayStation Store: $79.95

Wouldn't it be nice if PSN was actually the baseline price for video games? Well, that's probably not going to happen. But right now, PSN's deal is just about as good as anything else.

Big W: $78

Nothing special. Note that it'll cost $84 through the online store, so you'll have to trundle to a shop in person. Sorry about that.

The Gamesmen: $78

Same price in-store and online, but you might as well go grab a copy in person if there's a store nearby. It's no better or worse than anywhere else.

So that's our price roundup for The Last Guardian, which goes on sale from tomorrow. Spotted any bargains elsewhere? Let us know!


    I have an ever cheaper way....

    [Waits for @weresmurf to buy a copy]


    [Runs off with Weresmurf's copy while he's distracted by his favourite DS9 actor.]

      Why not just ask O'Brien to transport it to you while Weresmurf isn't watching?

        Because something might go horribly wrong with the transport bean and I'll wind up with a copy of Daikatana or Too Human!

          Oh god, that would be one of the worst transporter accidents in history.

            Third worst.

            Second worst being having Captain Picard go in and Donald Trump come out in his place.

            But the worst would have to be going in with one's luggage, arriving just fine, but finding all the Lego one packed missing from the beam



      *heart flutters*

      *heart breaks*


    My backlog is so huge, that the way for me to get it cheap will be to buy it when I can find time to play it. In 2018.

      The PS4 Pro patch might be out by then /runs

        You mean the one where it magically makes the drive capable of reading UHD disks like it should have in the first place?

        Wouldn't mind that.

      Yea... considering my copy of FFXV is sitting unopened while I work through the last few months of releases, I'm fine with leaving this one unbought for the time being.

        I can imagine it now; a few months later you finally get to the game only to have to wait another month as the game downloads 200 GB of updates.

          The wonderful thing about single-player console games is, unless they release with a literally game-breaking bug, updates are optional. *pauses update downloads, plays offline*

            Man I wish could do this on Xbox. Bought Gears 4 to play campaign on but because I'm connected to the internet it's forcing me to install 17GB of updates first. Left it on all night and still not done

              This is why my XBone is now a table leg. It's more functional that way!

              Surely you'd be able to play offline, tho? Yank the network cable? Never used an XB1, but it'd have to have an offline mode, surely?

                Maybe if I was offline when I started the install, but I doubt it will let me since it had started the download already. BTW Gears 4 is great :D. Really missed playing splitscreen co-op

    And where can we secure the cheapest copies of Dead Rising 4 in Australia? ;)

      The bargain bin, where it's no doubt destined to be in no time.

    It should be noted that EB Games will match any price as long as you have evidence of the competitor's price. I bought my copy for $78.00 based on Big W's price which EB accepted.

    It's currently $39 at Target Australia. EB Games won't price match.

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