Here’s The First Gameplay Footage Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Here’s The First Gameplay Footage Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

And it’s looking sharp.

Shown just ahead of the Game of the Year nominees, Bioware came out with the first in-engine gameplay footage of Andromeda – and it’s looking sharp.

I’m a big fan of the UI so far, and the environment they chose was pretty vibrant too.

Andromeda’s gonna be real nice in 4K. What do you think?


  • Back to being exploratory like part 1?

    Combat more along the lines of part 1 and 2?

    A redesigned HUD?

    Like Pixel ferret said… MAKO!!!!

    Wider, open spaces to play in?


      • Glad I’m not the only one that picked up this. The franchises used to be different but these days they just shoe horn each other’s game into one another. Ie dragon age two was mass effect like in a big way and now mass effect andromeda is looking very very very similar to dragon age inquisition, and everything I hated about that game.

        I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt because it’s mass effect and it’s my favourite trilogy of games ever. But I’m sceptical here

  • eh looks ok but doesnt really grab me. But is it just me or the new FemPC look like a young linda Hamilton (/swoon)

  • Would’ve liked to see a little bit more on the space map and other systems like that which they skimmed over real quick but that’s mostly just nit-picking. Combat looks great, new mako (Nomad?) looks as fun as the old one, random monsters looked awesome… this world already has me hooked.

  • This is the first game ‘series’ that bioware have started since being a part of EA. I want this to be good, but their last few games have failed to hold my attention long enough to reach the end.

  • Never played a Mass Effect but I’m really keen on this, this and Red Dead come to mind when I think of next year.

  • Excited about the game, but one aspect of the gameplay looks worrying and that’s the really weak firing feedback of the weapons reminiscent of ME1. In ME1 the weapons felt like a kids toy gun with cheap LED lights and it looks the same here, Robbing the impact and viscerality of firing weapons.

    Please fix before release.

  • I really should finish off that last run in ME2 and play ME3.
    I just wanna earn all of the money in the universe in ME2 before moving on, y’know.
    Maybe I should start again at ME1, it’s been a while.

    • if it makes you feel better there’s a save game editor for ME2 that you can use on your ME2 save before you import to ME3. it can tweak the amount of credits and minerals you have so you don’t have to strip mine each planet

      it’s also used to counteract flagging issues with saved games

  • I really didn’t want to watch this, i already know im going to get the game, all this trailer could bring was spoilers, but i couldn’t resist.

    Overall the graphics look pretty nice, but Is it just me or did the mouth animations look pretty freaking bad?

  • I should be really excited about this.. but now after playing The Witcher 3 and it’s expansions, the only game I can get excited about is Cyberpunk 2077.

    • It’s one of the hallmarks of Bioware games.
      Still, at least it’s improved over ME1-3, and DA:I. I wonder if they’ve done some rudimentary mo-capping?

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