Here's The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

It's something that Hollywood really didn't need to do, but here it is all the same: Blade Runner 2049.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, the new Blade Runner movie doesn't land internationally until October 6 next year. And there's not a great deal revealed in this latest footage, besides the two replicant hunters meeting up and a general idea of how the city will be framed.

Set 30 years after the original Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 sees Gosling uncover a secret that sets him on a path to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). Deckard's been missing for 30 years, but it'll be fun to see how much the original factors into the new film.

Personally, I would have been happy if Hollywood let Blade Runner lie. But it's a great reminder of how good the original film was, and also a reminder that (if you can get it working on Windows 10) the Blade Runner adventure game, made by the same studio who did Command & Conquer and Red Alert, was also pretty decent.


    This made me sploosh a little. Kinda ruins the deckard is a replicant theory though, unless there's something tied in there to explain his aging. The aesthetic is on point though and that's what makes the first film for me, well that and Rutger Hauer's soliloquy on the rooftop at the end *swoon*

      I think Deckard is the only one that knows he is a replicant outside of Rachael and possibly the replicant rebels who are dead. There's also the possibility of him actively grappling with being a replicant which I don't really need to see, but it could be ok if handled well.

      If he is considered a renegade replicant, changing his appearance over the years would certainly make sense to hide the fact he doesn't age.

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    Man i thought for a sec we'd have to wait 33 years for this...

    I wish this didn't exist.

    But since it does, I really hope it's good. Not getting a good feeling from it.

      I was pretending it didn't exist and had been paying no attention but I watched the trailer and, damnit, now I'm interested... that Deckard reveal gave me chills (doubly so as seeng as I didnt even know Ford was involved).

      Well Denis Villeneuve is Directing so its in very very safe hands I would surmise, I did hear from someone that he said that he would never direct a movie sequel, unless that movie just happened to be his favourite movie... ever... and that just happens to be blade runner :)

      (EDIT: Quote from Denis “This movie is linked to the birth of my passion for cinema. [When it came out] I was a young teenager starting to understand the job of a director. Blade Runner had a huge impact on me,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I know this movie by heart. I know every single shot of it. I have a very intimate relationship with this movie.”

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        That's great, but it doesn't mean he'll make a good film with it, just that he wants to do it.

          He wouldn't do it if he thought he couldn't though, he doesn't seem like the kinda guy who would settle for less than perfection IMO anyways

            He's an okay director that's made a few okay films. It'd be very different IMO if we were talking about Ridley Scott directing the sequel.

    The trailer looks okay, but I think this will be one of those "wait until the reviews come in" films.

      It is just a teaser though, wouldn't go expecting to much from it. The movie isn't even in post production yet so I would guess that a lot of effects shots are yet to be completed, which would somewhat limit available footage for a trailer in its self. maybe..

        The trailer looked fine. I'm just a little wary of attempts to revive classic films/franchises. Prometheus also looked pretty good in the trailers, after all.

          I'm pretty sure its gonna be fairly detached from blade runner as far as plot goes, the word he used was "autonomous". So guess we could assume its gonna be its "own thing" and not rely purely on what has come before. Will just have to wait and see I suppose.

          I thought Prometheus was good overall; however, it definitely had its flaws. I think the issue it suffered from was that Ridley Scott wasn't quite sure what he wanted it to be, so we ended up with some half baked story elements. :/

    Don't get me wrong..BR is my all time favourite film ever, but this teaser for the sequel gives me hope they might actually pull this off. I think in reality though it will be what Prometheus is to Alien.

    That game was amazing! Point and click, masterful.

      I actually played the game first which kind of made sense. Then I watched the movie years later - it clicked from then on :D

    Wasn't interested until I found out Denis Villeneuve is directing, this has a lot of potential.

    "the new Blade Runner movie doesn't land internationally until October 6 next year"
    Really? 3.33 months after the American release? How do you justify this?
    This is why piracy happens!

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