Here's New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Footage From The Game Awards

Apparently it's the first of two looks at The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, but it's still worth watching.

Because it's pretty gorgeous.

But you knew that already. The game has looked fantastic from day dot. I especially love the final image of this trailer. Very excited indeed.


    Ugh!!! The wait for this Zelda and the Switch is killing me. Havent been this excited for a Zelda and Console since the Gamecube.

    Was saying way before the Switch reveal that this would be a dual release. No-one believed me though.

    Can't wait for this. Curious though whether that's Wii U or Switch footage.

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    Always been a Zelda fan.
    This just adds to my hype.

    Been looking for a place to discuss everything we are seeing in this trailer. Did everyone notice all the hints at different characters from all the games? The Happy Mask Salesman (0:29) is a lot older in this one.

      You can count on Gamexplain releasing a 30 minute video deconstructing this 1.30 min footage.

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