Here’s Two Missions From For Honor’s Singleplayer

Here’s Two Missions From For Honor’s Singleplayer
Image: Ubisoft

For Honor is billed as a great battle of slice and counter-slice between vikings, knights and samurai. It makes for a great multiplayer premise: grab a sword, dodge, block appropriately, and slice up the competition.

The game has a singleplayer mode as well though, and footage of a couple of missions has

A whole bunch of footage from For Honor’s campaign has gone live on YouTube over the last 24 hours, largely featuring a mission from the Vikings and the Knights. It mostly seems to serve as a tutorial for each of the classes in multiplayer, which is fair enough.

The bit that’s worrying me a little is that the structure of the missions just seems to be “walk up, fight dude” and then move on. Or if there’s a group of enemies to fight, you walk up, fight one out of the group and occasionally one of the others might be tempted to attack.

It pretty much echoes what I wanted out of For Honor, which is the multiplayer. It’s nice that there’s a mode, or a safe space if you will, to practice blocking and reacting and all the various manoeuvres that the classes have. It’ll be interesting to know whether you need to go through the singleplayer to unlock more feats (read: skills) for classes in multiplayer, or whether progression is separate between the modes.


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