Here’s What Doom 4 Looked Like

Here’s What Doom 4 Looked Like

The reboot of DOOM has gone pretty well for Id, which is helpful considering it wasn’t the first time they tried to return to the franchise. In the first story from Danny O’Dwyer’s Noclip, the studio revealed some previously unreleased footage from Doom 4 – a highly cinematic, military-style shooter that Id later canned.

The documentary covered some of Id’s beginnings, but around halfway through it touched on Doom 4 and the project’s cancellation. Kevin Cloud, an artist on the original Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake, was one of the project’s leads, and said he lead a lot of the game’s upper creative vision.

“We had sort of explored a direction and got to a certain point and felt like it wasn’t really capturing, what we felt like was Doom, was going to be a strong Doom,” he said.

Marty Stratton, who became the game director on the 2016 reboot, added that Doom 4 would be more like a Call of Duty-style game. “It was definitely a twist on Doom that took it into a much more cinematic, much more scripted type of experience,” Stratton explained.

The first part of the documentary covers a wide swath of Id’s history, including the creation of the sync animation system (which would later become glory kills), how the studio handled some of their tougher years and how DOOM was reborn from the ashes.


    • Re-pitch it as an alternate universe where doomguy didn’t exist or failed. Don’t sell it as a mainline DOOM, but keep the brand attached to it somehow via a subititle or something, like Star Wars is doing.

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