Homemade HDMI Amiga Graphics Card Sells Out, Second Batch Incoming

Lukas Hartmann

Can't find a high-performance video card for your super-obsolete Amiga 2000? No problem, just make your own. This is what magician / engineer Lukas Hartmann did originally for himself, but he's now decided to go the mass-production route so all Amiga-owning aficionados can get in on the GPU action.

I know what you're thinking — there couldn't possibly be a big enough market for a modern Amiga graphics card to justify making more than a couple. Well, not only has the first pre-order sold out for Hartmann's MNT VA2000, he's gone ahead and launched a second batch pre-order for those who missed out.

The card itself supports a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 at 16-bit colour, or if you're willing to go with a lower resolution, 24-bit. It also comes with HDMI out, so you won't be relegated to using an old display or chunky adaptors.

Lukas Hartmann

As far as cost goes, it's €189 ($270), which is about the same as a low-mid range GPU from today. This doesn't include shipping... or an Amiga, but for those in need of this hardware, shopping around isn't really an option.

[MNT, via Xilinx]


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