If You Have 16 Kids, A PS4 Probably Isn't Going To Help

Neither will an Xbox, a computer, or any high tech piece of equipment that's designed to be shared by four or less people.

Sony's ads have gotten a bit wierd of late. Case in point: a video with the Bonells, supposedly Australia's largest family.

The Bonells have 16 children.

I'm sure there won't be any fights over play time.

Curiously, the video description suggests the test is to see whether the console can keep all the kids "plus Mum and Dad entertained".

Mum and Dad have 16 kids.

They're doing just fine.


    After a couple of generations, they will need yearly (or even more frequent) family reunions to prevent in-breeding. This is the best way to over-populate the planet by far.

    sounds to me like the perfect number for a jackbox party pack session

    I am just surprised that one can afford a PS4 and a PSVR and the latest games with 16 kids. Aren't kids expensive? I need to know cuz I am in the process of getting one soon. Kid, I mean

      Sony would have given those to them for free.

      They didn't give them a PS4 Pro, though.

      They can be expensive. Free time takes a harder hit than the wallet does until they get older though. And sleep. I used to sleep sometimes

      The first one is a little expensive but they get cheaper as you go. After kid 4 they are just about free...........

        What? How? You mean most things get handed down?

          Yeah and you learn what you actually need as oppose to what you think you need.

    Two full wii u's of smash bros.

    Or two full megadrives running micro machines 2.

    Or more likely, sixteen people watching pewdiepie playing a game so they don't have to fight over it.

    My youngest brother watches far more gaming than he plays. It's weird.

      I still find myself completely unable to understand the appeal of watching other people play video games, whether it's streaming or, even worse, cramming into a giant room to watch eSports. Hell, even the word "eSports" makes me vomit in my mouth a bit.

        Well, you are gonna blow chunks when you hear that Will Ferrell is about to star in a movie about eSports. If you haven't already.

          I blow chunks every time I hear that Will Ferrell is about to star in a movie, regardless of the subject matter :P

        Yeah I know. It's like how people sit on their couch and watch other people run round a field with a ball instead of doing it themselves.

      It is definitely a generational thing. It is so weird. When you are young and older people didn't "get" the stuff you liked, you wondered how could they possibly be so obtuse... it's not that hard! And here we are now and I look at kids spending hundreds of hours in minecraft or making another random dude who plays games on camera a minor celebrity, and I cannot wrap my head around it.

        Minecraft I get. I mean, I don't play it myself but it's a game and people play it and build stuff in it etc. That all makes sense.

        But just watching other people play games... I struggle to think of anything more dull I could do with my time. I'd rather spend that time playing a game myself.

          I'm 33, play Rocket League and I enjoy watching RLCS or some high level playing because I pick up on moves and tactics.

          Most game reviews are shallow as shit these days so if I'm interested in a game I'll checkout a 5-10 minute twitch stream. So yeah I'm not sitting there watching a boatload of other people gaming but I still get good use out of tuning in here and there.

    so im doing my part in having 0 kids..... while this "family" gets to have 16 of them?
    im appalled

    Last edited 08/12/16 10:53 am

      How is having 0 kids doing your part?

      If anything, we should be trying to outbreed the bogans! (By 'we' I mean intelligent, educated people like you and me).

    16 kids? ladies and gentlemen, this is why you need a TV in the bedroom!

    One toilet between the 18 of them?! Enough said.

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