Sega Made This Boy's Christmas Very Special Back In The '90s

The 1990s were Sega's golden age, but they were also a golden age for those who loved Sega, because every year on December 25 you could bet there would be millions of kids around the world waking up to find new consoles and hardware under the tree. Kids like Tyler Esposito.

Tyler put this video together in memory of his father, who was not only behind the camera on all these magical mornings between 1991 and 1998, but whose "love of video games and more importantly, me, made all this possible".

I've never seen someone more excited about Sega CD games. Ever.

Christmas Morning with SEGA [YouTube]


    this kid had the childhood i wish i had :( #segakid

    Reminds me of Simpsons xmas episode with the Game Bone storm. "Buy me bone storm or goto hell!"

    Awesome video.

    But if Im right and its in memory of his dad... then I guess Im justified in getting a little teary here :) my sons away in America at the moment and wont be back til christmas and I know hes gonna have this reaction when he sees I got him Disney Infinity...

    That kid definitely had an awesome dad :)

    ... That's a lot of freaking games/etc... I too would have been excited to receive such sheer volume of sega swag..

    Awesome! What a great Dad and reminds me of xmas.
    Although I only got one game.

    I would have totally been that excited about Flashback SegaCD.

    this kid became this guy

    "Three one box!" I loved that line.

      It was almost like a commercial lol.

      That kid did amazingly well for himself, I was lucky if I got 1-2 games a year from birthday/Xmas combined, let alone a pile of them for one Christmas alone!

      Last edited 16/12/13 8:33 pm

        Likewise. Maybe 3 at the most for Christmas or a Birthday. I have a feeling Dad might've been a gamer himself, however. :-)

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