Iran Blocked Clash Of Clans For Inciting 'Tribal Conflict'

Image: Supercell (mostly)

Clash of Clans is a mobile game about clans. Clashing. It's that very concept that, more than five years after the game's debut on iOS and Android, has upset Iran, leading to the country's interior ministry blocking gamers from accessing it.

The BBC reports that access to the mobile game was restricted from December 27, and that nearly two thirds of the country's mobile gaming public played Clash — not surprising, given that Supercell's perennial smash hit apparently has an audience of 100 million worldwide.

In a statement on Vazeh titled "Access to Clash of Clans is limited", Iran's deputy attorney-general Dr Abdolsamad Khoramabadi cited the opinion of experts, "especially psychologists", in backing the decision to block the game — saying it encouraged violence and tribal conflict, and could addict teenagers and disrupt family life.

This isn't a first for Iran, though. The country also blocked Pokemon Go earlier this year over fears of its GPS-tracking, location-based gameplay.

What? [BBC / Vazeh]


    "saying it encouraged violence and tribal conflict," i.e. exactly what Iran is doing outside its own borders. Self-righteous hypocrites!

    They should have a good close look at soccer then. Modern formalised tribal conflict is exactly what it is.

    Inciting Shia Muslims to rise up and rebel against Suni is not tribal conflict.

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