JB's Selling Some Interesting Monitors

No, honestly. It's flicker free. We promise. Flicker. Free.

From Alan, who spotted this very carefully handwritten sign at JB Hi-Fi's store at the Strand Arcade in Sydney:

(thanks, Alan!)

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    Holy flick someone gonna get flickin fired for flickin up that bad lol

      Worst case - manager says "Come on mate, you can't do that.", and the employee spends a few minutes rewriting the sign. Best case - the manager giggles every time they see it and it stays there forever.

    I have worked for JB for a long time and you would not believe how often that happens when you are writing signs quickly. The worst instance I remember is when that happened on sign for a Clint Eastwood display.

    When it comes to gaming monitors, Black Equaser function is the new blac....

    The bad joke aside, I recommend the monitor. Picked it up almost a month ago and it's the best thing I ever did for my gaming PC. I want to buy a second one just because they are that good.

      What's so good about it? I assume it's the RL2755HM?
      If so, it's 1080p and only does 60Hz. Surely there must be something special about it to warrant that kind of price tag?
      I have a 27" 1080p monitor, and playing games on it looks like ass cos of the pixel density (or lack there of.)
      Prior to using that, I had been spoiled by using a 24" 1920x1200 benq though, so that probably didn't help. Now I have a 28" 2160p as my primary and use the 27" as my irc/chat screen.
      If that model I mentioned is the one you're referring to, I'm genuinely interested in why it's so expensive, so please tell me if you know!

        Yes it is he RL2755HM

        I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Yes it's 1080p/60hz, but unless you MUST have "da resolutions" (I can get up to 3200x1600 out of the monitor and my gpu) it's more about the refresh rate and versatility. It's refresh rate is one of the best on the market (1ms) and since it is HDMI based for connections, you can use it for consoles as well. (Capcom used these in the recent Capcom Cup for Street Fighter V).

        Sure, I could probably drop an extra few hundred and get some wider, UHD or 4K monitor, but I don't need it. Games look great on it and it's a huge step up in performance from my 8 year old Samsung I was using. It also helps that I'm running dual Sapphire 8gb Radeon 390s as my gpu.

          You can actually display 3200x1600 on that screen? I haven't seen a monitor actually display a higher res than their default since the CRT days! Do you know if it's an IPS panel? If it is, I guess that could go a way to justifying it, as most of those have pretty high g2g response time. 1ms on an IPS would be nice.

    I saw a display on that monitor in my local JB Hi-Fi today and asked a staff member if the item had built in speakers. The staff member said it didn't. Another staff member cut into the conversation and said it did. Being unsure on who I should believe I just walked away from the staff members.

    Most staff members at JB Hi-Fi that I talk to seem to know what's going on and have a general understanding of the item in question or can find that DVD movie I want in a blink of an eye. Today, something just felt off.

      It doesn't have built in speakers. However it does have a audio jack for speakers.

      But I understand your frustration with the staff. I only have one guy in the gaming section I'll talk to about gaming and tech because he knows his stuff. So if he's not in, I don't buy. I've found it's best to get to know one or two staff members (just saying hi to them or a general chat) in the store so you can trust them a little and they might help you get a good deal

        They actually do have built in speakers. A good monitor. I gave mine away to a friend because I no longer needed it, but was awesome while I had it.

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