Lost Odyssey Is Free On Xbox Right Now

If you like free video games, and you want to play a killer RPG that's worth playing if only for the fantastic short stories that come packaged in interludes throughout the game, go get Lost Odyssey for free on Xbox One and/or Xbox 360 right now.

If you've forgotten what you're missing out on, here's the full opening back playing natively on the Xbox 360:

Lost Odyssey will be free until December 31.


    Downloading right now. It should be considered a public service to tell as many people as possible about this amazing game. MS is killing it with backwards compatibility right now.

    I have no idea what this game is but based on the comment above, downloading it.

    Fantastic game, get on it peeps!

    Owned it ages ago but never finished it because it dragged on a bit & I had other games to play.

    That being said: the short story/memory sections are incredibly emotive & well written.

      Same. I really liked the game but there was a point where it was dragging and I went the wrong way, meaning I'd have to spend 45 minutes dragging myself through random encounters to get back on track. I went to bed and never like going back.

    Download it! It's a great game. LONG but very entertaining.

    Holy shit. I rented this and never got around to finishing buying it. Bucket list, here we come!

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