Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Gameplay Trailer Shows Us The Power Of The Infinity Gems

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was revealed during the keynote address at PSX, but now there's also a gameplay trailer that shows how the game looks and feels in action.

The new trailer dropped during the Capcom Cup tournament for Street Fighter V and is all centred around the Infinity Stones, the powerful gems from the Marvel universe that are supposed to make their users god-like.

In it, Ryu and Mega Man X face-off against Iron Man and Captain Marvel, each demonstrating some special combos as well as some of the Infinite Stones themselves. For instance, Captain Marvel has the time stone, which gives her the ability to dodge attacks, while Ryu has the power stone, which bathes him in a pink light and makes his punches even punchier.

From this short clip, the game seems to have moved more in the direction of the Street Fighter series than previous Marvel vs. Capcom games, which have tended to overflow with frenzied attack animations. The fighting system itself remains more mysterious. The matches in the game are fought 2v2 and there won't be "assists" like in previous games, where characters could be called on-screen to deliver extra attacks.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is due out sometime late next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


    loved that vertical super Hadoken from Ryu

    ...and there won't be "assists" like in previous games, where characters could be called on-screen to deliver extra attacks.Uh, unless I missed something there were more than a few moments where the secondary character jumped in and did a follow up attack. In fact, the opening move is Mega Man calling in Ryu for an attack and then continuing the combo afterwards. Or is that more of a tag system?

    Last edited 05/12/16 5:05 pm

      It seems it is going to be more like sfxt as far as assists go.

      Maybe he is comparing it to the first Marvel vs Capcom game, where you had a team of two characters but were assigned a third guest character at the start of each match that could be called in for assists?

      All the action in the trailer seems to only involve the two characters from each team.

        Yeah that's what I meant but failed to explain as well as you have :) so no 3rd assist character but a crossover assist type like sfxt for chaining and assisting sort of thing. At least that is what the speculation seems to be on event hubs, shryoken and YouTube at that moment as no one else being able to play it yet.

          Ah, that's probably it. My experience is only MvC2 and 3 where you called in your other team members for combos.

    Takes me back to the original Marvel Super Heros title.

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