Meaty Japanese Hamburger Is All Burger, No Buns

While I enjoy a good bun while eating a burger, really, who needs them? Especially when you swap them out for meat patties.

[Image: akira31119]

This is the "Wild Out" burger. It's two juicy beef patties, cheese, fixings, and a big slice of tomato. Served up at a Tokyo restaurant called Shake Tree, the staff ask you not to eat it with a knife and fork, but like a regular burger. Bless them.

The Wild Out is 1,450 yen (US$12.34) If you so dare, you can order extra meat for your meat burger, like in the top photo. Extra meat and extra toppings are, well, extra. 

Goodness, this looks delicious. Everyone seems to be agreeing — or adding that it does taste terrific.

Via Gigazine, here's a look at how tender the meat looks. 

[Image: Gigazine] One thing to know about Shake Tree: Since they are using prime meat for their burgers, they only set aside a certain amount they can make each day. So, once they have sold out, that's it until tomorrow. 


    Seriously, the Japanese are really out wanking the Yanks in the gross food category. To think they have great food too.

    I know with good quality mince you can eat it raw but that looks revolting

      I own a burger bar and we would be shut down for serving that in Australia.

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