Modder Recreates Classic Counter-Strike In CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular shooters in the world, but some still prefer The Old Ways.

Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive is a mod that brings key aspects of Counter-Strike 1.6 into Global Offensive, preserving some of the game's beloved rough edges and giving them a glossy sheen. Here's mod maker Z00L's description:

"The goal of my mod is to bring back the 1.6 feeling of Counter-Strike, that means: weapons, sounds, stats, physics, etc... some stuff such buying ammo or even choosing your player model won't be possible without plugins but I plan to make the mod without them, even if they're really useful... servers could still use them though."

Here's what it looks (and sounds) like:

Z00L has said that it won't be possible to replicate every aspect of 1.6 in CSGO. Some of 1.6's most charming (as charming as blasting terrorists in the head can be, anyway) aspects are byproducts of its engine, and CSGO runs on a different one. That's kind of a bummer, but what's here already looks pretty sweet. Weapons, skins, player models, sounds, particles, and a different overall feel — that stuff adds up.

Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive will be available for everyone to download and play on Christmas Day.


    Ahh memories of semi-professional leagues comes into mind back from the '00s. Definitely will get back to CS with this mode, just for the nostalgia factor.

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