Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Now Has Female Soldiers

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was first released in 2007, there weren't any female soldier models in the game's multiplayer. Now, in the game's 2016 edition, there is.

Raven, developers of Modern Warfare Remastered, have added the characters — which include new voice acting — as part of a free December update to the remade shooter, which includes new maps, weapon camo and a very snowy Christmas stage.

Which is good news! Less positive is the fact the female models are unlocked randomly inside loot boxes (though since you can also craft them out of the currency you get inside said loot boxes, you should be able to obtain one after only a few hours of play).

This isn't the first Call of Duty game to feature female soldiers, of course; they were first added in 2013's Ghosts, and you spend most of Infinite Warfare's campaign fighting alongside Nora Salter. It's just a nice touch to see Raven not just go back to an old classic and add some more choice and variety, but go to the trouble of ensuring it's more than just a cosmetic gesture.


    Finally !! Now I can simulate murdering women like I've always wanted.
    Next up lets work on getting some child skins too

    ^ sarcasm

    I don't think the CoD community has the maturity to deal with this.

    "the female models are unlocked randomly inside loot boxes"

    Wait... what? Do they jump out of it like a big cake too?

    something something shoehorning, something something artistic vision, something something literally uplayable

    There, now nobody else needs to make this comment.

    Do they make sexy moaning noises when you shoot them? I bet they do!

    Glad to see they're working on the b i g i s s u e s.

    I'm just gad she's wearing lipstick. Can't go into battle without it.

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