NBN's Searchable Rollout Map Is Finally Online

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For most of the country, the NBN is still very much a broken boulevard of dreams. But the rollout is continuing. And if you'd like to know when better- possibly fibre but probably something else - internet is coming to your street, NBN Co's updated rollout map is here.

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The updated search map was promised by the end of 2016, and with less than a fortnight of the year remaining NBN Co has delivered.

Image: NBNCo.com.au

The searchable rollout map won't tell you what brand of NBN is being dug into your street - you could be getting fibre to the premises, fibre to the node, fixed wireless, or something else. It doesn't say. But what you can do is search for your home or business address, and you'll get an idea of how long you have to wait.

I wonder when I can upgrade from my 1.1MB/s net at home, for instance.


Hopefully you'll have more luck. (Or you've got it already.)


    Jan - Jun 2018. What a clusterfuck.
    (Though not as bad as yours Alex!)

      Sometime by then end of 2020 rip :*(
      Atleast i have cable ultimate. Typical steam download 8 to 12mbs :)

    Great... I have gone from a planned start in early 2018 to "Information coming soon". What's even worse is that the newly constructed apartment tower a kilometre or two down the road from me has NBN already. Anyone know where I can get about 1 to 2 kilometres worth of fibre cabling?

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      I'm in the same boat. If you want we can move together in a tent next to the NBN exchange. 50/50 split on the tent price.

    Feb 2017


      Congrats! My new place when it's built next year will have NBN. Very excited for it!

        Same here.. 'planned' for the end of 2020.

        Edit: Well, that was clearly the wrong reply button... can I blame slow internet for that?

        Last edited 22/12/16 10:45 pm

    And now it doesn't even tell you the type of technology you're getting!

    Remember kids, "fasta, soona, cheapa".

      FTTP got 4 ports each house

      FTTN only gets one

      no teaming connections :((((((

    No info. But it's 'planned'. Great. I live in a 6 month old building as well.

      Same. You'd think they'd have a bit more info for eastern Melbourne suburbs, it's not like I'm in the middle of nowhere. But no, just 'planned'.

      Sounds like you moved into a dud building

    All it tells me is that NBN is planned in my area, no date is specified, with more information expected soon. Useless.

    I think you're lucky to get 1.1MB/s already! I am on a quarter of that. I usually only get around 250kB/s

    Jan-Jun 2019*.... glares at 500kb/s download.

      Same. Pie in the sky stuff. Cost and time overruns between now and then will probably make it 2021 at the minimum.

      And meanwhile, I, on cable internet connection with speeds of 115Mbps am getting the NBN in Feb 2017. What gives, nbn?

    Heheh, I don't think I'll get much sympathy here, but for the past year and a bit, my expected rollout time was "Q2 2016". The new rollout map says

    "Jul-Sep 2017*.
    *This is an estimate and could change."

    "nbn is committed to completing the rollout by 2020." damn it.

      That's what I got. What a crock of shit. This Clayton's broadband network that they're building will be worthless by then.

    2020. I won't hold my breath. Planning starts next year allegedly.

    Really shouldn't have compared my current "Jan-July 2018" house in town to some of the shitboxes I've lived in. "Early 2017" for a housing estate in the scrub, "Early 2017" in the shitty semi-residental/semi-industrial part of a shitty town (that one, I get, because of the businesses in the street), and Available Now... for the ex-farm acreage 8 k's out of town we grew up on as kids.

    Is the HFC technology any good? What speeds can i hope for with this connection?

      You mean the former Optus cables that they bought? I thought that part of the plan had been scrapped?


        Basically any Home with HFC available now will be used to connect to the fiber node

        "All types of nbn™ network connections that utilise a physical line running to the premises are considered fixed line connections. An nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) connection is used in circumstances where the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used to make the final part of the nbn™ network connection. In this circumstance a HFC line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, to your premises."

          Hmm how does that reconcile with this? Or is there more HFC out there apart from the Optus network?


            Well i hope your article is right. Id prefer the FTTdp over HFC.

            My link is from the NBN page, meaning its probably outdated and meaningless

            There's two HFC networks out there - Telstra and Optus.

            AFAIA, the Telstra network is still "okay", so they'll continue using the NBN HFC product for that. The Optus areas will most likely get FTTC (FTTdp).

            Of course, none of this would be a problem if they'd just stuck with FTTP.

              I have both Telstra and Optus HFC in my area and NBN construction is currently underway (estimated availability Jan 2017).

              Spoke to the people that were doing the cabling awhile ago - they said they were putting a new thicker cable in. Makes you wonder why the government bothered buying the Telstra and Optus HFC networks when they are putting new cabling in anyway?

                The answer to that is "anything but fibre". This is the government that elects to install FTTN in greenfields areas - the one area above all else where FTTP makes the most sense by far.

                Labor signed the contracts to purchase the Telstra and Optus HFC networks as if they didn't, Telstra and Optus would sue them for taking away their revenue stream with no reocourse.

                Of course, this made sense when the plan was "buy the networks, pay Telstra and Optus to shut them up, then install superior FTTP."

                Then the current government came along with their travesty of a MTM.

    They connected my house to HFC back in January. No service available yet. "Late 2018" is what it says for my address.

    Ironically this means I have cable at my house, but a satellite dish because there's no cable in my street for Foxtel. Brilliant.

    I could've sworn they already had a map like this. Except it was an actual map, which showed you areas that had it, were under construction, and were planned.

    This one seems useless by comparison, I wouldn't even describe it as a rollout map. More just an address query.

    April 2017. I live in an estate of townhouses so I'm pretty sure I'm getting fibre to the node.

    Jul-Sep 2017. Holy shit, it's gone from 'screw you you're never getting it' to mid next year. Up yours shitty ADSL.

    If you look closely at the Blade Runner 2049 trailer, in the background of one scene a couple of NBN techs are installing it in my area.

    nbn is committed to completing the rollout by 2020.
    We expect to have more information about availability in your area soon.

    You can check your address again at any time or register and we will keep you informed with regular updates.

    Aka "Good fucking luck! You might have it sometime in the next decade... maybe"

    Welp either the website is seeing massive usage right now or the very thought of looking for when my house gets NBN is scary enough to crash it.

    Either way, well done website team. I see you went to the "2016 census" school of website design.

    Haha i got a letter saying nbn would be coming to my house in the next 6 months. That was when Abbot was pm. Now the website says nbn is planned in my area with no date specified.

    I switched to cable a few years ago so im fine now but what a shit show.

    "The updated search map was promised by the end of 2016, and with less than a fortnight of the year remaining NBN Co has delivered. "

    Turnbull promised that it was shovel ready and the whole lot would be delivered by the end of 2016. There was nothing spoken about delivering a rollout roadmap with nominating what sort of model was going to be used to be delivered in this timeframe. Australians have been spivved by 3rd rate bunch of glorified criminals.

    I am surprised that the author isn't bagging the LNP generally and Turnbull and Abbott particularly for setting Australia's Communications back be at least a decade and most likely a generation.

    I live in a small northern New England town and the main New England Fibre Trunk Cable goes through our town.

    We were slated to get Fibre to the House/Premises. A week ago I looked it up and the place was ready for Fixed Wireless.

    What a monumental schemozzle, the mob that run Australia cannot (or maybe will not) see us into the future. These sort of actions some 70 years ago would have been classed as sabotage and treason, accordingly prosecuted and punished.

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