New Hotline Lets You Pay $4 Per Minute To Talk To Game Developers

If you have ever wanted to pay $4/minute to talk to game developers on the phone — and who hasn't? — today is your lucky day, thanks to the launch of Callvention, a wild new website that will no doubt be used by many people.

Over at Callvention, you can pay varying amounts of money to get some quality phone time with people who worked on games like Halo 3, Prey and Wing Commander. Different devs have different fees — former Rockstar employee Matt Durgavich, for example, charges $US3.38 ($4.54)/minute — and they all appear to have a 15-minute minimum. As founder Bryan Cashman said in an email, "We expect calls to be 15-30 minutes, so a call is about the price of taking someone out to dinner to pick their brain." (That would be about $US50 [$67] every 15 minutes, or $US200 [$267]/hour.)

You can talk to these developers about whatever you'd like, which seems like a very good idea that definitely won't be used in a creepy or abusive way.

It may not surprise you to hear that no women have signed up to participate in Callvention. As one female game developer pointed out when I showed the website to her, many of them have enough stalkers as it is.


    Oof that last paragraph. Well its a novel idea, if I really wanted to pick the brain of a dev it would be cool to have that one on one time but the need isn't there for me at least. Could be great to get comments from devs if you're running a gaming site though :p

    Last edited 07/12/16 10:47 am

    I could just imagine some sort of sex-line style commercial for this.

    "Qualified, experienced game developers are waiting for your call NOW, ready to take any subject you like, bump mapping, concept flowcharts, alpha layer rendering and EVEN HARD CODING."

    Joking aside, this is a good idea, for amateur devs or journos who don't have many connections to the industry and have questions/need advice

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