Nintendo Is Giving Away The Pokemon That Created All Other Pokemon Again

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If you'd like this glorious prancing beast to smite all your rival trainers with Hyper Beam, then you will be pleased to know that Nintendo are giving Arceus away for free, again.

Arceus is literally a god when it comes to other Pokemon. It was the creature, in the wonderful world that is Pokemon, that hatched out of the first egg and then created the three Pokemon which had the ability to control time, space and antimatter.

Arceus is a big fucking deal, basically. So the fact that Nintendo is giving Pokemon God away until the end of the month is probably worth the attention of any Pokemon fan, especially if you missed it when Arceus was being given away earlier this year. The new mythical Pokemon this month is actually Meloetta, a normal/psychic type that becomes a normal/fighting beast once you use Relic Song (which you get from the Move Tutor in Mauville City).

There is the small quirk where it's for Pokemon X/Y/Alpha Ruby/Omega Sapphire and not Sun or Moon, but being able to pulverise any Pokemon into literal space dust with the power of a thought (or whatever else it is that lets you bend time, space and anything else) seems like good fun.

If you'd like to get Arceus into your team, you'll need to use ARCEUS2016 codes through the Nintendo Network. Simply navigate to Mystery Gift from the Start menu, then hit Receive Gift. From there, hit Get With Code and pop in either of the codes above. (If ARCEUS2016 doesn't work, you might want to give ARCEUS20 a shot. That's working for North Americans, at least.) You don't need to input a code for Meloletta: just go Mystery Gift, Receive Gift, then Get Via Internet.

Either mythical Poekmon will then be available from the delivery girl in any Pokemon center, and you're good to go. Remember: it's only for the older Pokemon games and Meloetta is only available until Christmas Eve, while Arceus will hang around until December 31. But hey, there's worse ways to spend Christmas than smashing trainers with Pokemon God and a singing bard.

Update: Fixed up the process for getting either Pokemon into your team. Sorry for the confusion!


    Don't get why they are supporting the previous gen when the new games have just come out. All the are doing is alienating any new or returning players who get told "Get this super cool legendary now!.... just not for the pokemon game your actually playing..... for an older one" makes no sense.

      Because the previous gen was the only ones available at the time they started this year long giveaway of one legendary per month.

      Use Pokebank to transfer them over.

      I thought the same thing and the only thing I could come up with is that they do not want people having overkill Pokemon this early in the Sun/Moon cycle.

        I dont battle online but I do think there is some means of blocking certain pokemon from matches, if they're worried that certain pokemon will break the META they could just block them.

          You're probably right. I'm in the same boat, I don't battle online either but it's really the only half logical reason I can come up with.

      Probably because the national dex is not due to be released for Sun/Moon until the new year. Given the work they have done regarding interacting with your Pokemon in this game is probably take a fair bit of effort to do it with all near 800 available Pokemon

      It's because this is part of a 12 month long YX/ORAS event for the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon that started back in January with Mew. There's a different Pokemon each month. This is a second chance to get August's Arceus, which was only available as part of an in-store promotion at EB Games.
      If Sun and Moon had of launched earlier they probably would have been included even though they're new Gen games, but the event is pretty much over. You can also get Meloetta from the online distribution from Dec 1st to Dec 24th.

      Oh, it's also worth noting that Sun and Moon can download a Munchlax with Snorlium Z, as well as a Greninja that can be unlocked by playing the demo. Not great Pokemon but worth picking up.

      Because it's part of an ongoing promotion that's been going all year. Most of which X/Y/OR/AS were the current gen.

      Its actually so they can force more Sales of the pokebank App, which will allow you to transfer pokemon (without items) from previous generations to sun/moon, for a small $7 subscription fee.

    ARCEUS2016 works in Australia (Also keep in mind - Its claim once per game/cart, not once per account - Easy to end up with multiple)

    No code required for Meloetta - That's just a mystery gift over the net

    Not sure why DARKRAI2016 is listed - Tried on Alpha and Y, and both games report the code as expired

      Huh thats weird, it is saying its not a valid code for me, also I didn't claim the earlier one. Sucks to be me.

    Also only available if you missed out earlier in the year as it's classed as the same gift.

      Damn it, there goes my dream of making a team made up of Nebby, four Arceus' and a Rayquaza

    Thank you for posting about this!

    I can confirm that both work in South Australia.

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