Here's Jimmy Fallon Playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild On The Nintendo Switch

You can see Fallon losing his shit.

After showing off the Mario endless runner, Super Mario Run, Jimmy Fallon then got to do what just about everyone has wanted to do over the last few months: get hands on with the Nintendo Switch.

According to Nintendo, all of the games are stored on the console itself. There wasn't a great deal of information, although the game appeared to transition smoothly from being in the dock to the portable mode. It also appeared to run pretty smoothly in tablet mode, with Fallon belting a couple of enemies for good measure.


    Even thought I logically knew this is how the system worked, it was much more impressive seeing the real thing than what I had imagined.

    Looking good!

    Is it just me, or to the face buttons look WAY too high? Like they’re right underneath the trigger?
    It seems like it would be kinda hard to hold a largish tablet with your thumb grip so high on the machine.

      I'll trust Nintendo on that, they're usually pretty thoughtful about ergonomics.

      Having the buttons high, over the trigger, balances the force of your thumb against your opposing finger on the underside. This creates a pinching motion which stabilises your grip.

        Have you seen the N64 controller?

          It was better than what came before it.

            Didn't the PS1 launch over a year before the N64? Also weren't the previous terrible controllers also designed by Nintendo?

              Normally this is where I'd shit on the PlayStation controller, but the original PS 1 controller was actually ok.

              Its when they added a thumbstick (something taken from the N64 BTW) without having the foresight to move the D-pad from the most ergonomic spot that it all started going down hill.

          People keep pointing to the N64 controller in such an accusatory way whenever these kinds of discussions come up. I don't understand why.

            Because it was rubbish. Never had hand cramps with a controller before I played with the N64 controller. The C buttons were either ever too stiff or too sensitive, the thumbstick chaffed your thumb after awhile, and usually broke. Also the fact that you had to move your hand to reach the dpad. So much wasted space on the controller. It is easily one of the worst controllers I've ever used.

              Honestly never came across any of those problems myself or with any of my friends/their controllers, outside of the control sticks wearing out over time. And also the blisters in the palms when doing the Mario Party spins.

              Also most games didn't even use the d-pad if they were using the control stick?

              You can use the memory card slot to open a beer though.

              Best controller ever.

                I dont drink so yeah...having said that I can now see why everyone else would think it's a god controller. Now only if it could actually get the beer and then open it, then I'd reconsider my opinion...

            I don't know man, Only issue I ever had with the N64 controller was the analogue stick getting loose over time, apart from that it was great.

              To each their own I guess. There's lots of people who complain about the PS controllers too, but I've never had issues with them.

                I thought they were ok at first, since it was basically just a SNES controller. But when they released the dual shock I couldn't play with them. The sticks felt weird and uncomfortable to me, I'd never had hand cramps with a controller before the dual shock.

                  The psx controller had the worst dpad ever conceived. Playing tekken ruined your thumb far faster than the 64 stick could take out your palm in Mario party.

          Have you held the Gamecube controller? Ergonomic excellence.

            I think it was a fluke because Nintendo have avoided using that design ever since. They should have just improved on it like what Sony and MS did with their controllers.

    I'm going to hold out judgement for a while yet.

    I'm an ardent supporter of both the Wii U and 3DS, so this heir apparent has to impress me a hell of a lot before I am won over. I hope they show more games off after the apparent big media spiel happening in mid-January.


      Check out Seasons of Heaven. Just announced Switch exclusive with in game images. Looks quite impressive.

      Im the reverse of you though.. the Switch is what Nintendo has been gunning to do for ages and it looks fantastic. Ive alwaye said - give me a Gamecube in my hands and id be super happy. Well, Switch is rumoured to have Gamecube emulation so im sold!!

    That was painful to watch. But it looks like the game runs nice and smooth in portable mode, I know there was a bit of scepticism around that switching over had the games running more choppily.

    It's good to see a smooth frame rate on the thing for the first time.

      It's literally the first time you've seen the switch running.

        Obviously it's the first love demo, but every time they've shown Zelda off on the Switch in video (the initial trailer and their game awards video) the frame rate has been awful, and it's reasonable to take those demonstrations as a representation of the console.

          The Switch trailer wasn't the best indicator of how games run because it was a video superimposed over the top of the screen in post production. Filming off-screen in real life doesn't give the best image.

            Which is why people are now complaining about how washed our the switch looked on fallon, despite it obviously being under stage lighting.

    Gawd i hate people that call themselves Geeks.

      What else would you call it?

        I dont know to be honest.
        Geek, nerd and vegan/vegetarian are on my personal list of Things i dont like a person to call themselves. Not saying that theyre bad. Just that Its more a character trait that someone else picks up on. Not one you announce to them if you get what i mean.

    Oh, so Zelda is like a cute skyrim?

      I thought we had all agreed that "The Zelder Scrolls: Hyrim" was what we had decided to call it.

    Jimmy Fallon wants so badly for us to know that he's a geek.

    As much as I dislike Fallon seeing him geek out & basically hyperventilate is kinda sweet.

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