Nintendo's Luigi Miiverse Keeps Getting Hacked In Funny Ways

If you've visited the New Super Luigi U Community recently, you might have noticed something was a little different. Instead of prominently displaying the green-overalled plumber, the social media community has seen a number of banner changes that definitely didn't come from Nintendo.

Someone appears to be messing with Nintendo's infamous community, as there are various reports and screenshots floating around the web showing how the icons and banners were changed to internet jokes. The image above, for example, comes from AnonyMorshu — you'll note that's Robbie Rotten of LazyTown, not Luigi. This same display has been spotted by others, too.

Over on the Wayback Machine, we can see that at one point, the page looked like this. Someone zoomed in on Luigi's face and distorted it, as well as added some text to the banner:

At one point the community reportedly looked like this:

Image source: marioman63

As of right now, whatever was going on seems to be fixed:

Nintendo did not, however, delete the bewildered reactions to the hack:

Maybe this seems random, but the New Super Luigi U Miiverse has long been a shitposter's paradise, so hijinks like these feel totally in line with the typical ridiculousness of the community. And, all said, these hacks were pretty harmless.

Still, poor Luigi. Even in his shitty internet page, nobody will let him have the spotlight.


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