No Modern Midwinter Sequel (Yet), But There Is A Prequel Comic

It's unfortunate that the planned sequel to snowy apocalypse FPS Midwinter looks very much like a pipe dream now. But not all is lost — there's a single-issue comic based on the game that serves as a sort of prelude.

You'll find the comic over on Comicsy, accompanied by the following description:

A THRILLING RACE AGAINST TIME IN A WORLD ON THE BRINK! 60 years after a catastrophic asteroid impact plunges the world into a new ice age, the inhabitants of Midwinter island have started the long slow process of rebuilding, uncertain if they are the last people on Earth.

In the small coastal town of Singleton Point lives Cassie, the headstrong daughter of Bryce, a former member of the Free Village’s Police, now an injured and cynical recluse. Cassie dreams of a life beyond mere survival, if only her father would believe she can look after herself.

When the island is invaded by the heavily armed soldiers of the mysterious General Masters, the people of Midwinter are plunged into a terrifying new way of life – and it’s up to Cassie to journey across this inhospitable wasteland to warn the rest of the island about the invasion, pursued every step of the way by a powerful military force she cannot hope to defeat.

Midwinter is the official prequel to the classic 1989 video game of the same name and is written by veteran games writer and comic editor Dan Whitehead, with art by PJ Holden (Judge Dredd) and cover by Steve Pugh (Hellblazer, Animal Man, Preacher).

The comic itself is a reasonable £4, with delivery to Australia coming in at £3, for a total of about $12 in local dollars. It definitely looks like a quality product, so if you have any interest in Midwinter at all, it's a solid pick-up.

Image: Comicsy

Midwinter #1 [Comicsy]


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