Of Course Melbourne Has A Pinball And Whisky Bar

Of Course Melbourne Has A Pinball And Whisky Bar

Bloody Melbourne, with its great coffee and culture. With its thriving game development community. You think you’re better than us Melbourne? You think you’re better than us?

So what if you have a Pinball and Whisky Bar called Pinball Paradise. So what if PAX Australia is down there. So what if great video games are being developed in Melbourne all the fuckin’ time.

Big deal.

(No, Pinball Paradise actually has a pinball machine called ‘Big Deal’.)

Pinball Paradise is opening up today at 4pm. It’ll have a selection a great whisky, food and old school pinball machines.

See if I care.

Newsflash: I DON’T.

Yeah you talk a big game Melbourne. With your pinball machines and your video games and your coffee and your stupid alleyways with street art and amazing breakfast places.

But yeah, uh what about Myki, huh? What a disaster. And where are your beaches Melbourne? Yeah. Miles away. You didn’t think about that did you? Or your weather. Or AFL and how terrible it is.

Yeah, suck on that.

Pinball Paradise opens today at 4pm. It’s at 213 Franklin Street, near the Queen Vic Market.

URGH. I will not be going.


  • Header is spelt incorrectly.

    But thanks Mark, will definitely be checking this out with the lads.
    …and St.Kilda beach is pretty close too FYI 😛

    Edit: Myki is a disaster though… touche Serrels.

    • Myki is far better than metcard ever was.
      Auto-top up, never need to worry about having change for a ticket or when my monthly ticket runs out.
      Can see it being annoying for visitors but being Melb based it is great

    • The Courthouse in Newtown has had a Pinball room with 10 machines for over a decade…..

      But hey Melbourne…. You’ll get there one day.

  • Well considering I will be down there for Christmas I know what I’ll be doing instead of spending time with family.

    Also didn’t I just read about a pop-up pinball bar in Sydney?
    Although that is just for this month I believe.

  • Jealous much Serrels?

    The only thing Sydney has going for it is it’s closed knit group of video game publishers, website editors and overly pampered Twitch streamers.

  • You’re welcome to live in the World’s Most Livable City when you’re sick of living in Shelbyville @markserrels

    • A friend of mine doing a big driving trip across the country the other week randomly came across a place that had a whole load of machines, uploaded some pics to show us. I yelled at him “YOU’D BETTER HAVE PLAYED TWILIGHT ZONE!”, possibly with some expletives. He did, though he’s not very good at games in general so I don’t know how much he got out of it. Still jealous though 😛

    • Bartronica in Flinders Lane has an Addams Family table. From memory, the flippers are a bit spongy though.

      Their Facebook page includes an old magazine advert for an AF table, but doesn’t actually say if it’s one of the tables they have. :/

  • Weather? Nah. Melbourne is dryer (further from the tropics so less humidity and sweating) and get’s less than half the rain that Sydney does annually. It rains more days in Melbourne but the rain is light and over quickly. In Sydney it’s pouring heavy and ruins your entire weekend constantly. Much more comfortable in Melbourne. Myth busted.

  • I’m going tonight to have a look tonight, but not going to hold my breath for good machines. Photos during the week showed a Dirty Harry and Jurassic Park pin and both of these are the Sega/Data East types that really don’t have the same feel as a Williams/Bally or Stern.
    If you want to play Addams, it is at Bartonica by the way.

  • Don’t forget we were voted most liveable city 6 times straight and are the 2nd most fun city behind Chicago.

  • Oi!! You can knock my town, but you can never speak ill of the AFL.
    The Bulldogs won this year. Something I thought I would never see in my lifetime.
    They all said we couldn’t do it!
    (Apparently they beat some pleb team from some pleb city with that doesn’t have a whiskey and pinball bar)

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