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Part of the reality every Christmas is that people get bored. I'm talking real bored. And since you've got to kill time anyway, and sitting around a television or a screen is a great way to do that.

But everyone has different tastes. So the question is: when you've got a few hours to kill over Christmas, and you and your family or chosen family are all in the one room, what do you watch?

My family has always enjoyed watching a movie or a series, but we've never been the type to pick Christmas movies per se. It's more of an impulsive thing. Last year, for instance, I was keen on watching the Harry Potter movies (having seen part of one on TV at my parents' place). So, and partially because nobody else felt strongly about it, that's exactly what we did.

There's also the small part where Life is Strange sort of became a mini-movie for my mother and I to enjoy over the course of a week, but I digress.

Others like going the Die Hard route, something I imagine will be a lot more popular as people commiserate Alan Rickman. You could say something similar for David Bowie, but I think people have done those marathons already - and Die Hard is more fitting as a Christmas movie than, say, Labyrinth.

What movies do you like to watch over Christmas?


    Every Christmas for the last few years I have watched three movies:

    1) A Muppet Christmas Carol.
    2) Die Hard
    3) Back to the Future.

    I maintain that these are the best Christmas movies and anyone who argues otherwise is simply wrong.

      A Nightmare Before Christmas? Scrooged? Batman Returns?

      This xmas, I will be trying to locate copies of Krampus and A Christmas Horror Story, because what better way to celebrate Christmas than by pretending it's Halloween!

        I think that these are just movies that @trjn watches over Christmas regularly rather than being actual Christmas films. Back to the Future occurs in October.

      It's been years since I watched Back to the Future, what exactly does it have to do with xmas?

        I watch it every Christmas. Traditions have to start somewhere.

    Are we talking Christmas movies as in movies you watch over Christmas (in which case whatever floats your boat) or movies that are set during Christmas?

    Home Alone 2 and Last Action Hero are probably my favourites.

    Merry Christmas, you filthy animal....
    And a Happy New Year.

    Lethal Weapon. Nothing like Gibson and Busey belting the crap out of each other in front of a giant Christmas tree to get you in the holiday mood.

    We now apparently have developed a Christmas tradition where we sit around wrapping presents on Christmas eve while watching Die Hard. This is a good tradition.

    Though this year we're gonna mix it up a bit with Die Hard 2! Christmas harder, dammit!

    I watched the Jim Carrey Grinch movie last night with the missus, not as good as i remembered it but it serves fine as a christmas movie.

    The worst part was that Die Hard was on TV after we finished watching it and i would have much preferred to watch Die Hard.

      yea, I watched it last night, never gets old. now I have a machine gun...

      2nd one is on Xmas night. Still like it a lot, get to see the T100 from T2 Bleed!

    For movies that take place at Christmas, it would have to be Die Hard and Gremlins for me. As far as actual Christmas movies that involve Santa, it would have to be the Santa Claus movie with Dudley Moore and John Lithgow simply because those two are in it.

    I like to watch Schwarzenegger beat up santa in Jingle All The Way. That scene only.

    every christmas we watch the peep show christmas episode.

    NO TURKEY!?!?!?

    cauliflower is not traditional.

    Last 2 years Foxtel has played Grump Cats Christmas Special so that's a tradition for me now

    This article needs a poll.

    That said, Die Hard all the way.

    Definitely Die Hard. For me personally it would also have the 1986 Transformers movie, since for a handful of years it would always be on TV on Christmas.

    No time for movies, there's games to be played.

    I've got older (teen/tween) kids and younger kids - so we've had to split our Xmas movies

    This year its Jingle all the Way for the whole family and Die Hard for me and my eldest!

    Last year I chased down a copy of Gremlins for the Occassion!

    Who has time to watch Christmas movies, i'm sitting on a beach, earning twenty percent.

    But seriously Christmas Week, 1 movie per night.

    Die Hard
    Lethal Weapon
    Bad Santa
    Home Alone
    Home Alone 2

    For me these are the Christmas Movies I would watch (or stop on a channel and watch if on FTA)

    Die Hard
    Lethal Weapon
    Home Alone
    Het Zakmes (The Pocket-knife) - This is normally (usually) on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day. It's Dutch kids movie about a boy named Mees and by accident he took his best friend's pocket knife home with him. Unfortunately he is too late to return it as the next day Tim moves house. All that Mees knows is that Tim has gone to Flevoland and Mees travels alone to search for his friend. Sure it's not a Christmas movie (not set at Christmas) but for many years this movie was on around Christmas Day or Boxing Day and my older brother and I would actually sit and watch it

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