OK, Super Mario Run Will Probably Be Awesome

I've been looking at this game for ages and writing it off. Because, hey, it's an endless runner. There's no way it could be good.

And then I watched this.

It's a simple introduction that breaks down the gameplay elements, interactables, scenes and what you can expect.

Put simply: yeah, Super Mario Run is an endless* runner. But it's also quite plainly a million times better.


Nintendo, you have broken my cold, cold heart.

It probably won't be another Pokemon GO. But Super Mario Run is going to go off.

Update: As people have noted, Super Mario Run is an auto-runner, not an endless runner. That's obvious now thanks to the details we've gotten, although the distinction is one of the many things that has also converted me from being apathetic to completely on board. And as death_au pointed out, the concept of Mario running automatically isn't too dissimilar from how people play Mario in the first place. Thanks, everyone.


    Any news on Android release date?

      Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed in Nintendo doing staggered releases. Sometime early next year is all I've heard.

    So it will be like Super Mario Bros Wii, but your move right button is stuck

    Looks good but I'm not sure about it being in portrait.

    Last edited 09/12/16 12:14 pm

      I like that it's portrait, I can play it one-handed when stuck on a packed train.. Mobile games should accommodate more for ease of play I say

    Sorry, but how is this an endless runner? It has 24 defined levels.

    Nintendo game design at it's finest. Creating new world objects to help overcome the limitations of touch inputs as well as help further the design of endless runners.

    I honestly don't know why I'm so surprised why it looks so good.

    One thing that was made clear to me watching it on Fallon is that it's *not* just an endless runner. There's also carefully crafted levels where you collect bonus coins along the way to the flag, but with the simplified controls that, really, reflect the way that most people play anyway. Much like the Rayman mobile games. So I'm OK with that. They may proceed!

      Yeah, this. When you think about it, if you're any kind of decent at Mario, you spend most of the time holding right and B. These are levels carefully designed to be played in exactly that manner, but you just don't hold the buttons yourself and you only have to time your jumps.
      It's a pretty clever way of bringing Mario to mobile, really.

    damn. I'm going to play the hell outta this in bed.

    Like Batguy says, it is not an endless runner. It is a auto runner, but not endless. Every level has been hand crafted by Nintendo's designers. There is none of the randomness of a Flappy Bird clone. There is a defined path and end to every level, including ghost houses.

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