Final Fantasy 15’s Jump Button Is A Problem

Final Fantasy 15’s Jump Button Is A Problem

Hi, Final Fantasy 15. You’re weird and I like you. But we need to talk about your jump button real quick.

Specifically, the fact that your jump button is the same as your “interact” button. Do I need to jump? Press X. Need to open a door? Press X. Need to talk to an NPC or visit a store? Press X.

It wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that almost every single time I’m trying to interact with something or talk to someone or open a door I wind up JUMPING UP AND DOWN ENDLESSLY AND THE INTERACTION PROMPT ONLY APPEARS WHEN I’M IN MIDAIR AND OH MY GOD

(Deep breath)

There is a very specific type of coiled frustration that I feel when a game dangles an interaction prompt just out of my reach. Final Fantasy 15 does that more regularly than any game I can remember. While Square Enix is patching the story, I hope they’re also patching the jump button.


  • I was frustrated in the metro games where the reload button was same as the interact button. Countless times I press X to pick up ammo, and reload instead wasting away half a magazine.

    Lords of the fallen is another one where the jump and roll button are the same. So many frustrations there.

  • Assassin’s creed with sprint/climb.
    CoD with sprint/pick up.

    Any game where sprint is on L3…

    Stop it, developers! You have enough buttons! Stop being greedy!

  • Haven’t played it so stupid noob question incoming – can you not remap it to something else? If not, patch please Squeenix, that would drive me crazy.

    • Most console games don’t allow true re-mapping. They usually – at best – just offer different sets of configs to choose from. In FF15’s case, every single one of the available button config schemes has those two functions shared to the same button.

  • I’m trying to decide if that’s worse than World of Final Fantasy’s jump button that more or less makes the character hop slightly and has absolutely no reason to be used throughout the entire game.

  • Couldn’t agree more with this – I am forever jumping instead of interacting. Then you land, re-adjust your camera to make it work – such a dumb design decision. Should have been picked up in the first month of testing and changed. The game is so unpolished it’s embarrassing.

  • The fact that sprint and attack are bound to the same button is equally frustrating, especially later in the game when there’s cases where you need to run away from enemies, only for Noctis to suddenly decide to dash back the way he just came and bop some monster on the head / walk right into an attack and get knocked over and wailed on.

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