Our Favourite Games From November

It's that weird time of year when it isn't Christmas except everyone thinks it's OK to play Christmas music (it isn't, by the way). Before you get inundated with new games from gifts and Steam sales, here were some of our favourite games from November.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

We enjoyed taking a tropical holiday to catch a lot of cute monsters. Check out our tips if you're trying to be the best like no one ever was.

You can get the game for 3DS.

Final Fantasy 15

This much-anticipated game had fantastic characters, excellent music and a top-notch combat system. You can check out our tips here.

You can get the game for Xbox One and PS4.

The Division Survival DLC

This expansion turns The Division into an intense survival experience and lets you make your own stories.

You can get the expansion for PC and Xbox One, with the PS4 version coming in December.

Dishonored 2

This game was rewarding but flawed, with intricate levels and cool new powers. You can check out our tips, as well as peruse some of the game's awesome concept art.

You can get the game for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Watch Dogs 2

This colourful sequel had a great protagonist (who looks pretty cool too) and a solid supporting cast. Check out our tips, and take a look at some of the game's concept art.

You can get the game for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Ultimate General: Civil War

This early access strategy game is already pulling us away from Civilization VI.

You can get the game for PC.


Nine years in the making, this indie game was worth the wait.

You can get the game for PC.

House of the Dying Sun

This dogfighting game with VR support has balanced fights, a killer aesthetic and tight controls.

You can get the game for PC.


Obsidian's latest RPG makes it fun to be evil.

You can get the game for PC, Mac and Linux.

Planet Coaster

Limitless building options and wonderful presentation make this game a joy to simply be around. Players have made some pretty great creations, and they have taken to murdering their amusement park guests in some interesting ways too.

You can get the game for PC.

Galaga Wars

This free mobile game is a fine way to update an arcade classic.

You can get the game for iOS and Android.

The Sims 4 City Living Expansion

This expansion makes The Sims 4 worth playing again.

You can get the game for PC and Mac.


    I was so skeptical about FFXV, but having just stayed up until 2am playing it and hanging out with my anime boy band I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.

      What were your favourite parts about FFXV?

      I loathed FFXIII, and have been quite sceptical about this release as well, so I've been holding off.

        Bear in mind I am not that far in (maybe 15 hours with a lot of dicking around on side quests):

        What I enjoy about it is:
        - The pace is very chill and the world is fun to drive around and look at.
        - There is some genuinely stunning scenery around, when you drive into the main open world area for the first time it is a fantastic experience.
        - The core characters are pretty great.
        - The combat is heaps of fun, pretty responsive and looks amazing when it works (ie you are not in trees).
        - Anime: The Video Game.
        - The story isn't super strong, but it's an open world game and the general experience is making up for it in my opinion.

        What I don't enjoy:
        - The combat is terrible if trees are involved.
        - The side quests are starting to feel tedious, but I understand that the fetch quests lead to better stuff so I will persist. They're not wholly bad though, just a bit samey. It's smarter to not run around not doing them and "accidentally" get them done while out doing other things.
        - Anime: The Video Game.
        - Titty mechanic.

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