Overwatch Players Band Together To Send Cookies To Blizzard

You might not always agree with the choices the developers of your favourite games make, but they work hard, dammit. As a show of gratitude, a bunch of Overwatch players have pooled their resources to buy cookies for the development team.

Christopher Culley started the Blizzard Cookies Project on Indiegogo yesterday with the goal of getting 250 cookies for the Overwatch team. He estimated that it'd cost about $US625 ($857).

"[Blizzard] have crafted an amazing game experience that has provided us collectively with thousands of hours of entertainment," he wrote. "Along the way they have been amazingly communicative and provided wonderful and consistent updates. I think a lot of us agree they deserve a special thank you!"

Flash forward to today: The project gained traction on the Overwatch subreddit, and backers have raised $US836 ($1145) (as of writing). Culley says he's now in the process of getting things squared away with a catering company and Blizzard.

Once upon a time, a bunch of Mass Effect fans sent BioWare cupcakes to complain. This is much nicer. Blizzard's gone above and beyond with communication and updates on Overwatch, and they certainly deserve recognition for it. Even if they hadn't done quite so much, though, it's worth keeping in mind that game developers are people who frequently work their asses off to make things you enjoy. If you get a chance, a quick "thank you" is always appreciated, even if it isn't written on a cookie.


    That's really sweet of them :) I'll thank blizzard by buy a whole bunch of loot boxes

    This is so awesome to see... It's easy for people to be keyboard warriors and trash devs for whatever trivial reasons they have (and yes, including micro transactions is a trivial reason), but at the end of day they are people too - and yeah completely agree they work their asses off for us...
    Big thanks to all devs big and small companies alike. Without you and your hard work we wouldn't have any of the fond experiences we have had playing games.

      You get it! I agree. Too many people just not being accountable for the filth they type all over the Internet. Much more of an impact can be made with positive reinforcement.

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