Parappa The Rapper Is Looking Really Sharp On PS4

Announced this weekend at the PlayStation Experience event, PSOne rhythm classic Parappa the Rapper is getting a high definition remake next year. YouTuber Erick Marroquin created a video comparing the original to the PS4 demo version, and the differences are crisp and clear.

It's like the right side of the image is showing what my brain filled in the left side with back in 1997, when the original Parappa was released in the West. They probably didn't look so rough on whatever horrible television set I was rocking nearly two decades ago.

Either way, Parappa is looking damn good.

Of course now we're going to need HD remasters of Parappa the Rappa 2 and UmJammer Lammy to complete the set. I gotta believe Sony will follow through.


    By far the best level in that game. My nostalgia is satisfied, no need for me to get the game now.

      I've only played this one level from a demo twenty years ago now. I'd never seen the cutscenes for the game before and now that I have I'm staying well away from this! :p

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