Path Of Exile's Dimension-Tearing 'Breach' Expansion Goes Live

When it comes to keeping players busy, Grinding Gear's Path of Exile has its fans well covered. The proof is, clearly, in the blood-drenched pudding, with the developer recently pushing out its 2.5.0 Content Update and Breach expansion. Along with more monsters, items and locations, the patch includes and new 64-bit, DirectX 11-enabled client.

According to the official expansion page, Breach introduces treasure-packed portals that players can dive into. Inside they'll find creatures to slay and rewards to collect:

Enter the Breach: Tears in the fabric of reality have formed throughout Wraeclast. Engage them to expose an alternate realm and reveal those who dwell there. Slay monsters inside the Breach to keep it open long enough to reap your bounty.

Challenge the Breachlords: Deep in the Breach, you may draw the ire of horrific new bosses: Breachlords. The more damage you inflict on them, the more treasure they'll part with during their escape.

Conquer a Breachlord's Domain: Among the riches found in the Breach, you may also encounter Splinters. Combine 100 Splinters of the same type together to create a Breachstone. When placed in the Map Device, a Breachstone allows travel into a Breachlord's Domain, the one place where they are truly vulnerable.

Treasures of the Breach: Monsters from the Breach drop new unique items that are specific to their Domain. When slain in their Domain, Breachlords can drop Blessings that allow these new uniques to be upgraded.

As for the new client, the developer says it should bring "performance improvements", along with updated "fog and cloth physics systems".

Oh, and it all looks psychedelically demonic, which is completely fine by me.

Breach [Path of Exile]


    I was one of the original backers of this game and I absolutely love it. Free to play with no pay to win only cosmetics and a stupid amount of content with regular releases. I recommend this to everyone. Even non-ARPG fans.

      Combat is still clunky after all this time. As bad as d3 is in a lot of aspects, it kills PoE in terms of polish.

        It always will. You're comparing a free to play game to one backed by one of the biggest studios in the world, there IS going to be a difference in polish. To expect that level of polish is both missing the point, and ignoring the quality that IS there.

        For what its worth, I play both, and have put far more hours into D3 than PoE, but the game thats there is worth the price. Well worth it.

        That should be enough.

    Lol diablo 3 isn't clunky in comparison to this clunky piece of crap. Game has potential just needs some serious work in the animations department.

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