Pewdiepie Trolls Everyone, Deletes Alternate Channel

Pewdiepie Trolls Everyone, Deletes Alternate Channel

When YouTube’s biggest star swore that he was going to delete his channel after gaining 50 million subscribers, fans didn’t know what to believe. Some thought he was really going through with it, and prepared for the worst. Today, Felix Kjellberg comes clean, revealing that it was just a joke all along.

Well played, Kjellberg:

Just as some predicted, instead of deleting his main “Pewdiepie” channel, Kjellberg actually deleted his secondary channel, Jack septiceye2, which previously had over one million subscribers:

Pewdiepie Trolls Everyone, Deletes Alternate Channel

“You know when you make a joke, and it just blows up way bigger than you ever imagined?” Kjellberg asked.

“That was it, that was the joke,” Kjellberg said, before mocking all the news sites that picked up the story without scepticism.

Fans seem relieved — as we originally reported, some legitimately didn’t know if Kjellberg was being serious. Some even downloaded Kjellberg’s videos en masse, out of fear that the footage would be lost forever.

Pewdiepie Trolls Everyone, Deletes Alternate Channel

And really, you can’t blame them. Kjellberg seemed serious at the end of the original announcement video, and he kept the joke going on social media as well.

For everyone else, though, this may be Kjellberg’s funniest stunt to date. He’s keeping it going, too. “Will delete Pewdiepie at 100 million,” the video says at the end. Hopefully nobody falls for it this time?

Thanks to Kjellberg’s scheme, he is the first person on YouTube to reach 50 million subscribers. The second biggest channel, HolaSoyGerman, has 30 million — putting Kjellberg well ahead of the competition.


  • TISM’s “Channel Turd” sums up youtube celebrities very well. Here’s a snippet.

    The people who’re on it
    What could they have heard?
    One day you are unknown
    The next you’re a turd
    You can’t return fame
    And get your money back
    Imagine going on TV
    To find what you lack.

    The people who watch it
    Are arseholes and creeps
    Watching other arseholes
    The cycle’s complete
    You think reality’s crap?
    I disagree
    Crap isn’t crap
    Til it’s on TV”

    Just swap out the word TV for YouTube.

  • I feel that “trolling” isn’t the art it used to be…

    Especially since I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought his supposed ‘trolling’ was bullshit from the word go.

    • As much I don’t want to call trolling ‘art’, yeah.

      This wasn’t skillful needling, or whatever; just an attention whore begging for more.

    • When I was a kid “trolling” was usually just called “lying” or “deliberately misleading others”. I hadn’t realized that these previously reprehensible actions had become not only socially acceptable but even celebrated by the media. I wonder if Patricia found Donald Trump’s successful campaign as funny and praiseworthy as Pewdiepie’s latest escapade, given that it employed the exact same tactics?

  • “Well played, Kjellberg” – really?

    “this may be Kjellberg’s funniest stunt to date” – really?

    • I feel like this article dosent understand thst this wasnt a joke but a deceitful move to make more followers i seeb this happeb a few times already people saying they will leave youtube forever just to come back a week later. Its called a scare tatic and it needs to be stopped. Its a bad practice to begin with

  • It’s great because the media just gave him all the attention he wants. I hope this event is enough to open the eyes of some of his subscribers to unfollow him. This isn’t even funny, it is just sad.

  • Did people think that a guy who makes millions of dollars a year being a twat on the internet would do this? I would have actually given this guy some credit if he put his wallet where his mouth is and started from scratch.

    …. but nope, exactly as we all expected.

  • Is there some sort of law or whatever that people can bullshit on to, to get this and people who pull this sort of crap and sue them? Come on, America.

    YouTube is filled with a lot of morons (and some good people/content), it’s just a shame you get the odd clickbaiter and their cancerous fans who tarnish it for the rest of them.

    • If there were I think John Farnham would have been subjected to it a very long time ago! Funny that a band like with a reputation like Motley Crue have been the only one that I know of to actually sign a legal, cessation of tour agreement when saying it was their last go around.

  • Given his extreme popularity, I gave this guy a chance and watched a few vids but it is just utter shit. I just can’t fathom why anyone watches this guy and his garbage, if this is what passes for entertainment these days then we are all fucked.

  • This is not good for PDP, his joke started off by saying Youtube is a problem and he was making a threat against Youtube and the issues with the system…

    so the next time he actually has a problem with Youtube and the system, they are not going to listen to him. The one group you don’t want to stop listening to you is the people that funnel ad revenue and control the system.

    The boy that cried wolf…

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