PlayStation Experience Roundup: Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 6, Death Stranding, Wipeout And More

PlayStation Experience Roundup: Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 6, Death Stranding, Wipeout And More

Overnight, a bunch of great announcements came through from Sony’s PlayStation Experience event. Rather than drip-feed them to you in single sentence form, which I know we all find annoying, here are all the smaller stories in a single post. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 7 Demo Update

Resident Evil 7’s teaser demo gets a final update today, playable on PS4 and PSVR — for free. Hopefully the infamous finger mystery resolves itself this time.

Yakuza 6 Coming Early 2018


Yakuza 6 and original Yakuza remake Yakuza Kiwami — the latest in the Sega-made crime series beloved in Japan and in the Luke Plunkett household — are coming to the West on PS4. Winter for Kiwami. Early 2018 for Yakuza 6 according to Sega.

Parappa The Rapper PS4 Remasters


Three Japanese PlayStation classics, Parappa The Rapper, Patapon and Loco Roco, are getting high resolution PS4 remasters. The first had been on PlayStation console but the latter two were originally for PSP.

Death Stranding Will Use Horizon Zero Dawn Engine


Hideo Kojima is partnering with Guerilla Games to create Death Stranding using its Decima Engine game engine, according to a panel discussion on the game at PSX. That means the game will be using the same engine that Horizon Zero Dawn was made in.

Wipeout Threesome Headed For PS4


After several years away, the classic PlayStation racing franchise Wipeout is returning with the Wipeout Omega Collection coming in winter of 2017.

It will include 2012’s Wipeout 2048, 2008’s Wipeout HD and that game’s expansion 2009 expansion Wipeout Fury. The collection is for PS4.

Over on the PlayStation blog, Sony is saying that the games “are running at a targeted 60 frames per second.” 

Danganronpa V3!


We’re getting Danganronpa V3 in the west and it’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita next year.

Next Year For Ni no Kuni II


Announced last year at PSX, here it is again: Ni no Kuni II, one of the most gorgeous video games we’ve ever seen. It will be out in 2017 for PS4.

Flaming Wet Dogs

Wet dog survival sim The Flame in the Flood is coming to PS4 in January. We liked the game quite a bit on PC.

And that’s a wrap… mostly! More substantial stories from the event will be posted individually — for example, if you missed it earlier, check out Naughty Dog’s announcement of The Last of Us 2.


  • Wipeout!

    On the one hand, excited to play 2048 on the big screen with a proper controller. I just couldn’t get along with it properly on Vita, despite loving pulse/pure on PSP. A big part was the visuals where great but too busy for the small screen.

    On the other hand, fuck Sony for disbanding Studio Liverpool and not developing a new wipeout for PS4.

    Also, “targeting 60 FPS”… Say what? Absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be a locked 60fps all the way, unless they get some shitty studio to do the ports… Even more reason to hate them for killing Studio Liverpool….

      • Targeted is marketing speak for “running at that FPS most of the time”. When it’s rocksteady it’s “locked”. Go look at some digital foundry articles to see the number of games that are marketed as runnng at “targeted 60 FPS” or “targeted 30 FPS”, but drop frames in reality.

        • Wipeout HD/Fury already run at constant 60fps on ps3 (although with resolution scaling) I can’t see this pulling worse than that.

  • Sony is really pushing my nostalgia button trying to get me to buy a PS4… Between Parappa, Wipeout and Crash, they’re doing a damn good job!

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