PSN Has Some Good Deals On Just Cause 3 And The Metro Series

The PlayStation Store seems to be throwing a big sale every other week. If you still need some games to see you through the summer, here are the latest 'Mega Weekend' deals for the PlayStation 4. You can get up to 77 per cent off with prices start at just $8.95. Here are the links to each deal.

There's no offers that are absurdly cheap, although most of these games are solid and well worth the asking price. The Metro Redux collection for $14.95 is especially good value, while Mafia III for $47.95 is the cheapest we've seen digitally. Just Cause 3 is pretty tempting at 75% off and Star Wars: Battlefront is also worth checking out for $17.95 - although it doesn't come with the Season Pass and finding other people to play with you online could be tricky.

Here's the full list:

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    All I want is the DLC for Just Cause 3. It's not discounted at all and costs more than the XL Edition.

      Yeah they had the same deal a few weeks ago and I bought the XL edition for that reason.
      What sucks is I had to uninstall the game info for the disk version on my system so I could download the digital copy of the game with the DLC and I ended up losing my save data.

      I did something similar on the Wii U with Sonic All Stars Racing (buying the digital version of a game I had already played on disk) and it let me keep the data for that game so I don't know...

        Have you tried going to PSN+ cloud saves (assuming you're on PS) and downloading saves from there? Not sure what the XBox version of that is but you could try that.

    Anyone on console want to weigh in on Just Cause 3 still be terrible performance wise?

      I played it, finished it, enjoyed it. Didn't find the supposed performance issues to be particularly detrimental. The main issue I has with it was the loading times and, most annoyingly, the fact that every time you want to play it, it wants to sign into the server (leaderboards or something), and that sign in process takes AGES. So bloody annoying. Once you (eventually) get to actually play the game, it's great - lots of fun to be had.

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