Razer Made A PS4 Controller That Looks Like An Xbox One Controller

Razer has built a "tournament-grade' controller for the PlayStation 4 — with supposedly better ergonomics than your common or garden DualShock, as well as a bunch of customisable settings and esports-friendly extras. And, y'know, it looks suspiciously like someone chucked an Xbox One controller and a PS4 controller into Photoshop and mucked around with the transparency.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo.

The Razer Raiju, as it's called, was built in partnership with Sony — who have presumably never seen the original Duke. Seriously, look at the Raiju from the top down — it looks more like the Xbox Elite than a made-for-PlayStation peripheral. But that's fine. Because the Duke was great, at least if you had gorilla hands.

The officially licenced Raiju works with all different iterations of the PS4 — original, Pro, and the new Slim — and improves on the pleb DualShock 4 with a 'quick control panel' at the base, which has tactile buttons for muting your mic and adjusting in-game volume on the 3.5mm headphone jack below it.

The Raiju is a corded controller, interestingly, although its "lightweight braided microUSB cable" — because, y'know, esports — is detachable either for easy storage and transportation or so you don't accidentally break it in a fit of rage when someone scores against you in Rocket League.

Images: Razer


    oh! and it's $230 which is a reduced price from the original $250 that people laughed at... $230 is still a joke too though.

      Ouch. 3 times as much as a normal ps4 controller and the same price as a premium keyboard for a pc.

      It better be just amazeballs for that price.

    It still has the left stick in the standard playstation position, swap it with the D-Pad like the xbox then I'll look into it. The x360 controller is still my favourite to date.

      I've had this argument with a friend of mine about which position makes sense for the left-thumbstick. Me being used to Playstation means I favour the lower right, whilst him being an X-Box user favours the top left.
      Which is intrinsically better, I don't know. To me it simply makes sense that your hands are mirrored whilst moving in-game, which means thumbs on the sticks controlling character and camera movement.
      To each their own then, I guess.

        When designing the thumb stick placement for the original Xbox controller, MS spent thousands of hours testing ergonomics, and found the placement and spacing less cramping for longer play sessions.

        When designing the dual shock , Sony found it easier to rip off and one up the Nintendo 64s analogue stick by throwing two sticks crammed together in the middle of their existing PS controller design so they could rush it to market. Although until Ape Escape (and in most cases after) the 2nd stick was practically unused.

        Whichever you prefer to play though is totally up to you.

          If you're talking general ergonomics then X-Box wins hands-down. It is indeed a very comfortable controller to hold. Only controller I think is better in the department was the Gamecube controller... when my hands weren't as big as they are now.
          That's why I find this controller interesting. X-Box controller with Playstation button layout. Reminds me of when I was choosing a PC controller and I ended up with a Logitech one purely because it had the Playstation thumbstick layout.

          Last edited 09/12/16 6:48 pm

          Ape Escape wasn't the first game to use both analog sticks. It was a pretty mediocre game called "Alien Resurrection".

            I used to find with the PS3 controller, the sticks were so close together, i'd sometimes bang my thumbs together whilst strafing or such. I hated that controller. The PS4 one is a bit better with more spacing between them but xbone's offset sticks are perfect. It's pretty much THE perfect controller really.

    Probably would break after a week or 2 since it's Razer and all. If I was going to get a Pro controller it certainly would be that other one that was being made.

    Really liked the look and idea behind until I read ... "corded"

    Yeah but nah...

      I get that sentiment, but if you're a serious 'pro' then you're probably sitting upright and closer to the screen than your regular home gamer.

    I like it except for the price. I prefer the more symmetrical layout of the PS controller. But the added bulk and shape of the Xbox design would make it more comfortable. Not that I have to much issue with the PS controller.

    Does it have rumble in the triggers like the XBO one does?

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