Remastered Bulletstorm Coming To Consoles And PC In 2017

Today at The Game Awards, People Can Fly announced that a remastered edition of their excellent but frequently overlooked shooter Bulletstorm is coming to current-gen consoles and PC next year. It's called Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and it will be out on 7 April 2017.

Not everyone overlooked Bulletstorm, of course. Our own contributor G.B. Burford wrote a solid tribute to the game back in 2015.


    ohhh... wonder if it'll be discounted / free if you bought the original?! (we can only hope...)

    Oh HELL yes!

    "What does that even mean? You're gonna kill my dick?"

    LOL ;)

    All they need to do is remove all traces of games for windows live from it and they have a winner.

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