Report: Nintendo Switch Will Get GameCube Games

Report: Nintendo Switch Will Get GameCube Games

Nintendo will bring GameCube games including Super Smash Bros. Melee and Luigi’s Mansion to the Switch via Virtual Console, Eurogamer reports today, citing anonymous sources.

The report, by Tom Phillips, notes that those two games along with Super Mario Sunshine are already scheduled for Nintendo’s new system. Phillips also cites Animal Crossing as a game that’s slated for the Switch’s Virtual Console, which is reportedly being manned by Nintendo European Research and Development, the studio behind the Mini-NES.

We haven’t been able to corroborate the report ourselves, outside of a few whispers here and there, but Eurogamer nailed the details of the Switch months before Nintendo revealed what it was. (On the other hand, we’re still waiting on Mother 3.)

In 2012, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime hinted that GameCube games could show up on the Wii U’s Virtual Console, but that never materialised. It sure would be nice to play Skies of Arcadia again on the go.


  • About…freaking…time.

    Gamecube would have to be my favourite generation. It’s staggering that is has taken them so long to release any titles on the virtual console.

  • eh, I already have emulators for GCN and Wii.
    What I really want them to do it put on the good games from WiiU and 3DS to a virtual console. I wanna play Xenoblade Chronicles X, SSB, Zelda, Pkmn Sun, FireEmblem, and stuff and it’s not worth buying a WiiU and 3DS for less than 10 games.

  • Crazy thing is that it’s actually possible on the Wii U. I know, because I’ve played Super Mario Sunshine on it via Wii homebrew and it’s perfect!

    It’s also disappointing that, once again, they’re going to try and sell me copies of games that I already own, rather than finding ways to reward long-time supporters. Yes, I know I don’t have to buy them (and I doubt that I will). But they have a whole database of club Nintendo codes lying around. They know what games I’ve bought new for the last 10+ years. They could certainly find ways to at least offer discounts on things that I already bought in the first place… right… haha who am I kidding. Money hats for all!!

    /end internet rant for the day 🙂

    • I got so sick of filling that vapid god-damn survey every single time I registered my games on Club Nintendo

  • Just put Mario Kart Double Dash on the VC and you’ve got an instant sale here, Nintendo. Let’s do this.

    • Best damn entry in the whole series. MK8 follows close but the strategical depth of DD hasn’t been ever replicated.

  • Sad knowing that there’s a good chance it will only again, be select titles, so still not enough of a reason for me to buy a Switch considering how much “value” I got out of the previous two console. Sorry Nintendo, you’ve been far too disappointing compared to the N64 and GC days.

  • The Gamecube is the one Nintendo console I never got my hands on, so I’d be all over this. I can finally play Eternal Darkness!

  • Just give me Hi-Res versions of the original Wave Race and F-Zero X on N64 please. Jesus! Is it too much to ask??

  • I’d be more interested in 3DS games, but GameCube is cool too.
    Actually the main usage on my Gamecube was to play gameboy games using the add-on…

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