Image: Kotaku

I'm a little surprised that nobody picked yesterday's game. But maybe I didn't pick something that was recognisable enough. So everyone can have a second crack today.

And as a reminder, here's yesterday's clue:

Image: Kotaku

Good luck!


    Thats a direction pad. Dance Dance Revolution?

    Kinda reminds me of kings quest for some reason. But i dont think there were icons like that. But i can't shake the feeling of one of those style adventure games

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    looks like a dance pad of some description.....not sure from where though.

    Is that the icon to unpack the MCV in Red Alert/C&C?

      Great googley moogley. It is! I mean, it's animated when you're hovering over the MCV, but I'm sure that's what it looks like.

    I'm feeling a Santa/snowflake Christmas vibe to the pictures, though no idea what that then translates to.

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