People still remember Lemmings! Or 3D Lemmings specifically, since that was the game I used to draw the little lemming and his umbrella. Good thing to have on hand for today, mind you.

A lot of people seemed to think it was A Boy and His Blob, which I can get. The trick was the detail on the umbrella though, and the fact that the blob itself transformed into an umbrella which was held by a humanoid figure (the boy). Anyway, let's get onto the next game!

Good luck!


    Good thing to have on hand for today, mind you

    People tell me that apparently Kotaku can be accessed by people living outside of Sydney. Most of Australia, in fact. And probably even some other parts of the Earth? Ka-razey, right? :p

    On a more serious note, I'm going to guess Stunts!

      As a resident of regional NSW, I can tell you that although many Sydney-siders understand (at least, conceptually) that people live outside of Sydney, they can't really wrap their heads around it.

        You can't fault us though really. Here in the city our heads have bone in them and don't bend easily, let alone bend enough to wrap around things. Though next time I'm in regional Australia for work I'll be sure to keep an eye out for floppy-headed countrysiders!

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      I was always under the impression that commenters on Kotaku were just bots designed to make people in Sydney think there was a world outside of it.

      To be fair, it applies to us in Melbourne, also. You should have an umbrella handy everyday in Melbourne.

    Nigel Mansell F1

      Finally someone trying to guess the game, rather than commenting on freakin' cities and goddam umbrellas.

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