Nobody seemed to pick up last week's game, so let's see if a second hint can help you out.

It's from a fairly famous developer, although I'd venture that this is probably their most underappreciated - or at least unrecognised - title.

Good luck! And for reference, here's the original hint:


    light bulb Dagger Flag speedometer Medal: The Game

    Hmmm the hint makes me think along the lines of someone like Edmund McMillen... So as a stab in the dark - The Basement collection?

      If it was one of the games in the Basement Collection... Would that count, or would you have to actually guess which game in the collection is was?

        I'll see what I can get away with....Unlikely though

    Star Wars Racer? You put a light bulb next to a sword this time of year, only one thing comes to mind. :P

    I know that! It's Manhunter - New York!

      dammit it is too, I was going to guess thief (the good ones)

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