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So I have to apologise: yesterday's ScribbleTaku was actually way harder than it should have been. Kaiser6012 actually nailed it as PowerMonger in the end, but he also spotted that the original drawing was from the WW1 expansion that was released on PC - while the second hint was from the Sega Genesis version.

My bad, but Kaiser did damn well to spot it all the same. Nice work! But today's a new game; let's see how you go.

Good luck! And email in if you'd like your scribbles to be featured.


    Triathlon 96: Pond Fishing, Archery and Boggle edition.

    Just got it. It's a really stoned dude and his eyes have gone haywire and his mouth is saying "A"

    I don't think it's EVE but one of the old school space combat sims - it's driving me nuts now so please someone put me out of my misery.

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