Sea Of Thieves Still Looks Great

Image: Sea of Thieves/Youtube

We're getting closer and closer to the point when we can actually play Sea of Thieves. Which is good, because me and my mates want to go marauding already.

If you would also like to dig up some treasure and just run around being A Pirate Dickhead on Rare's high seas like myself, good news. Signups for the technical alpha have begun at the Sea of Thieves website.

You'll need to login to your Xbox Live account, and complete a brief survey detailing your gaming habits (how long you play, what genres you like, what parts of Sea of Thieves you're the most keen on), before signing up.

You'll also be bound by an NDA saying that you can't talk, discuss or "allow others to watch you play" Sea of Thieves. I've got no idea how on earth how they'd enforce that. But while you're shaking your head over that, here's the latest footage from Rare's pirate adventure, which is looking awfully fun.

The whole idea about the "Ferry of the Damned" is a neat way to handle respawns. And those shots of the sunset look nice:

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare

There's no word on when the technical alpha will kick off, but when more word comes out we'll let you know.


    That looks like 1 hour of tomfoolery for just 352 gold? I hope the economy is balanced to match...

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