Sean Bean Is Sad He Can't Even Survive A Civilization 6 Trailer

He thought he made it through this one. He really did.

Sean Bean, a man cursed by some sort of time genie to die a thousand deaths, can't even make it through a damn Civilization 6 trailer. The funny/sad part, though, is that he could've sworn he survived this time. In a new behind-the-scenes video, he gets asked how he feels about dying again (as spotted by PCGamesN):

"Do you mean I don't survive the trailer?"he asks incredulously as footage of his character dying in a terrifying plane explosion plays in the background. "But... but I thought I survived this."

He then thinks for a moment before chuckling, "Well, I guess I don't. I guess they're just gonna get somebody else in to do the next one."

It was great while it lasted, Sean Bean. And who knows, maybe they will bring you back to narrate another Civilization anyway. After all, history has a way of repeating itself.


    just realised the memes will explode when he eventually dies for real

    Teach him for fucking with Frodo's head!

    I love Seam Bean btw!

    A perfect voice for narrations and VO's. Seems like a cool dude too.

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