Skyrim, Fallout And Doom Make For Three Very Cool Pinball Tables

Skyrim, Fallout And Doom Make For Three Very Cool Pinball Tables

Zen Studios’ pinball platforms are getting a trio of tables based on Bethesda’s greatest hits next week. We got our hands on the Doom, Skyrim and Fallout tables ahead of time, and they do the games proud.

Zen Studios dived deep into its bag of tricks for these tables, packing each with massive characters, deep story missions and plenty of bells and whistles.

The Skyrim table features persistent character progress that carries over between games. The character players select will earn skills as they progress through the dragon-plagued table.

When the game ends, they can opt to start fresh or continue developing their character into a fantasy pinball powerhouse. They will unlock weapons and equipment, manage inventory, craft and do all sorts of things they’d never expect to do on a pinball table.

The Fallout table takes character creation a step further, implementing the same SPECIAL stat system as the game. Players pick a gender and assign stat points via Pipboy, which also serves as a shopping interface for handy survival supplies. There’s a VATS bar to manage, radiation to consider, stat points to assign, nukes to buy, bosses to fight — it’s pretty much Fallout.

And then we have the Doom table, narrated by doctor evil guy and packed with massive demons and fun ways to kill them.

Zen Studios has once again done a fabulous job of translating the feel of its subject matter into pinball form. The Doom table is fast and frantic, Fallout is packed with character and Skyrim does its best to convey a sense of epic scale in a relatively contained space.

The Bethesda table pack will be available on December 6 on Zen Pinball platforms everywhere, and December 8 on mobile platforms.


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