Slice Robots Into Tiny Bits In Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone is a chaotic arena slice-a-thon made by Doborog Games. Players face an unceasing flow of dangerous robots and fight to survive for as long as possible. It is this week's Cool Indie Game.

Gameplay in Clone Drone is simple. You'll be tasked with defeating enemy robots in increasingly difficult numbers and designs. From time to time, the arena might be transformed to fill with bounce pads or spike traps. Between each match, you'll get the chance to upgrade your drone. You might take a jetpack or bow into your next fight.

The game is in alpha and teases a story mode that might add some different gameplay in the future. However, Clone Drone's Endless Mode stands strong on its own. Each victory feels satisfying. Each failure feels brutal. The entire affair is accompanied by announcer quips that add a ton of character.

I was initially hesitant to feature Clone Drone In The Danger Zone as this week's Cool Indie Game. Priced at $10 USD ($13), it hits the very top of what I might consider "cheap." Still, I've had an absolute blast with it.

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone is the video game version of Skittles. Bright and refreshing junk food that serious hits the spot when you need it. I'm definitely eager to slice the legs off more spider bots as soon as I can.


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